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Top 10 Translated Languages in London

Translations are in high demand in the UK, and there is a good reason for it. According to the 2011 census, about 4 million people in England and Wales don’t speak English as their primary language. Of these, around 140,000 do not speak English at all! Unless you translate English to another language, this is a huge portion of the population you cannot effectively communicate with.

The 2011 census was the first to ask how fluently people could speak English if it wasn’t their major language of communication. This overview showed how diverse England is; if we consider the capital a snapshot of that diversity, we are bound to find higher concentrations of diversity here. In large multicultural cities such as London, the need for translating English into different languages is even more imperative.

If you’re wondering what language to translate your English content into, you’re in the right place. Here we run through the top 10 most translated languages in London and explain why they’re essential in targeting the entire multicultural UK population.


1. Polish Translation

Polish is also one of the most frequent language translations in London. There are about 546,000 people that speak Polish in the United Kingdom. This accounts for about 1% of the population, with a large portion residing in the UK’s capital. When you translate the English language into Polish, you’re instantly increasing your reach by this amount. Polish translation services are also vital for businesses operating abroad and industries that work closely with new migrants.


2. Punjabi Translation

Punjabi translations are high on this list, as there is a sizeable Punjabi population in the UK. This is due to Britain’s involvement in India during the 19th and 20th centuries. The large community consists of migrants that initially came to the country more than a generation ago. Many cannot speak English fluently and need you to translate content into their native language, while children of the initial migrants tend to speak both Punjabi and English.


3. Urdu Translation

Urdu is also one of the languages in London that can be linked to Britain’s involvement in the Indian subcontinent during the 19th and 20th centuries. About 0.5% of the UK speaks Urdu, representing around 269,000 people. This makes Urdu one of the most sought-after language translations in London. Many businesses translate from English to Urdu to remove language barriers and improve communications with the growing Indian population in the UK.


4. Bengali Translation

Bengali is another Indian language spoken in Great Britain. Around 221,000 people in the UK speak Bengali, alongside Chatgaya and Sylheti. This makes up 0.4% of the country’s population, a sizeable portion for which to provide Bengali language translations. Many Bengali people also live in the capital city. Therefore, businesses targeting London and a wider UK audience want to translate from English to Bengali language.


5. Gujarati Translation

Gujarati translations are also in high demand for any translation agency working in London. There are over 213,000 speakers in the UK, accounting for approximately 0.4% of the total UK population. To translate your marketing materials, websites, documents, and other types of content from the English language to Gujarati are essential to reach this part of the population.


6. Arabic Translation

Around 159,000 people (0.3% of the population) speak Arabic in the UK, with a particularly high concentration of Arabic speakers residing in London. It is also one of the most spoken foreign languages worldwide! Any well-meaning translation agency will want to leverage this population by providing Arabic translations. Translate from the English language into Arabic, and you don’t just target the UK market; you can increase your exposure globally too.


7. French Translation

French translations are critical in London, with around 147,000 French speakers in the UK. This accounts for about 0.3% of the population, which isn’t surprising, given the geographical proximity to France. However, it is also likely that the French speakers in London come from African French-speaking countries. When you translate into the French language, you can communicate with these people far more efficiently than in English.


8. Portuguese Translation

Portuguese translations also are vital in London. This high demand for businesses to translate into this Romance language comes from the geographical proximity of Portugal to the UK. Many Portuguese people have moved to London, with about 0.2% of the population speaking the language. This percentage specifically amounts to 133,000 people across England and Wales. To target these people, you need to translate from English to Portuguese.


9. Tamil Translation

Tamil translations are growing with the increase in Tamil speakers in the UK. Like many languages on this list, Tamil can be traced back to Britain’s involvement in the Indian subcontinent in the 19th and 20th centuries. There are 101,000 Tamil speakers in the UK today, amounting to 0.2% of the UK’s population. English businesses looking to communicate with this small group within the UK need to translate into their native language.


10. Turkish Translation

Turkish translations are also on the list of most in-demand languages in London, with over 99,000 Turkish speakers in the country. This represents around 0.2% of the population. The UK and Turkey also have a free trade agreement, which creates an additional need for businesses to translate into this language. Nearly £20 billion in trade volume is exchanged annually, and those trading need to translate cross-border documents and other communications from English.


Professional Translation Services in 120+ Languages

If you need professional language translations, look no further! Renaissance Translations offers high-quality translation services by experienced and professional translators. Everyone on our network is also a native speaker, ensuring you receive authentic and 100% accurate content.

We not only translate the languages in London but also more than 120 languages or dialects worldwide. Furthermore, we can translate between hundreds of uncommon language pairs such as French to Chinese, German to Danish, Spanish to Hindi, and many others. Contact our project managers to discuss your project today!

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Translation Company: Three Things to Consider When Choosing your Provider

Most businesses nowadays need to partner with a translation company because it can help you communicate accurately and effectively with your global clients and partners. In fact, the globalisation of any business or brand requires multilingual communication unlimited by language barriers, which is only possible through a professional translation company. As a result, translation services are becoming integral to many business enterprises. In addition, the growing importance of translation calls for a qualified translation company that delivers optimum quality when translating content into various languages.

Professional translation services provide fluent communication services to organisations worldwide. But when choosing a translation company, it is vital to check out cost optimisation and the company’s abilities and processes. There are hundreds of language translation companies, and choosing one perfect language partner is overwhelming at times.

This article highlights three essential factors to consider when choosing a translation company to work with. Read this guide to ensure you select the best partner for your budget, target market, and content type, helping to ensure your company succeeds overseas.


Growing Importance of Language Services for Global Business

Globalisation has urged companies to get more overseas customers and sell products internationally. Business is all about communicating and collaborating at every level. In the case of international customers, language becomes one of the most significant communication barriers which a translation company can solve. Clear communication of messages is the key to attaining long-term business goals.

Therefore, this shift towards globalisation requires translation service providers who know the art of mechanically altering words into other languages. A translation company employs professional translators who formulate and strategise content according to your audience. The highly vetted translators at these agencies ensure error-free and worthy-quality content.

In fact, the demand for professional translation services is so high that the language services sector is projected to be $56 billion by the end of 2022. Unfortunately, this means that choosing a translation company can be time-consuming, complex, and an overwhelming task indeed.


What to Consider when Choosing a Translation Company?

Language Service Providers (LSP) aid in translating content into a language readers can easily understand. A professional translation company pays proper heed to cultural issues and ensures that the message is delivered to the rent adequately.

However, Language Service Providers vary in (1) the languages and subjects they translate, (2) internal capabilities, and (3) translation methods and technologies. Therefore, these are three vital considerations to take into account when selecting a translation company:


1. Expertise in Multiple Sectors & Languages

It is always wise to opt for a translation company with a detailed understanding of different languages. You might be breaking into the German market today, but if your business continues to expand, you may also need a translation into FrenchChinese, or Turkish. It is much simpler to do this under one roof, working with translators who already know your business and brand.

Additionally, always ensure that the language services provided by your selected translation company offer sector-specific knowledge. Professional translation service providers can facilitate every working sector be it related to the medicalmarketinglegal, or financial industry. They make sure to use exact terminology in the target language and convey the proper meaning.


2. Ability to Localise Content

Always opt for a translation company that understands the target market and can not just translate but also localise your content. Localisation services transform the entire product into other languages (including the visual, cultural, and technical aspects) alongside text translation. This dramatically helps in the quality of the deliverables and ensures clients worldwide have the same user experience.

Your company may require additional language services depending on your content type. Examples include transcription servicesvideo subtitling, and voiceover services. Choosing a translation company that can take on projects of all shapes and sizes makes it easier, keeping everything together.


3. Utilisation of Latest Technology & Methods

The digital world is entirely consumed by technology and laced with new updates every other day. As such, there are tools to aid numerous processes, including the translation of languages. Always look for a translation company that is fully equipped with automated tools to accelerate your business processes and ensure consistency in your work.

Some technologies include CAT tools and management systems based on artificial intelligence (AI). These management systems help adapt larger projects, such as eCommerce and IT translations, in the quickest turnaround time possible. Translation memories also help translators better understand your brand and use consistent terminology.


How to Choose the Best Translation Company

Choosing the right translation company to work with is challenging and overwhelming. The translation services these companies provide could make or break your business’s reputation. Therefore, you should always select a company with a proficient team of experts who will take your business to new corporate heights.

We have provided you with suggestions and tips that you can adopt to enjoy maximum business benefits. Here are some more tips that will help you choose the best language partner:

  • Always choose a company adaptable to your content needs. A reputed translation company offers flexible and comprehensive services.
  • Always outsource your translation services to those companies with professional translation specialists having in-depth knowledge of a specific language.
  • Do not get confused between a native speaker and a translation expert. Always check out the qualification credentials of your selected translation company.
  • Check if the language services experts have specialised knowledge and use niche terminologies for particular industries.
  • Always use a diverse network of translators. They have access to a broader pool of talent covering translation of all languages and sectors, available 24/7 regardless of time zone differences.


Professional Translation Services from Renaissance Translations

Renaissance Translations is the translation company that can meet your needs. Our network of professional translators can bring prolific results to your business with their accurate translation and timely delivery. Our processes are fully adaptable to your content needs and ensure quality control and cost optimisation.

We have an extensive network of 5,000+ of talented linguists qualified to offer a translation of all languages, subject areas, and content types. Your partnership with Renaissance Translations comes with professional memberships such as ATC and a guarantee to meet any tight deadline placed on us. Click here to contact one of our project managers and discuss your project with us today, or request a quote online. You’ll be glad you contacted our translation company!

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Top 10 Benefits of Using Captioning & Subtitling Services

If you think that only deaf people can benefit from a video subtitling service, you are mistaken; everyone can take full advantage of captioning and subtitling services! Professional subtitles and captions enable you to consume the content quickly and easily, and many younger internet users automatically switch on subtitles and captions when viewing video content.

Indeed, investing in a subtitling service and adding captions to your videos has plenty of benefits. It doesn’t matter if your content is a promotional advertisement, short video, feature film, or television show; professional subtitling benefits all types of video content. This article will review the top ten benefits of using captioning and subtitling services, and might just convince you to add words to your films and recordings.


1. Subtitling Services Improve Learning & Understanding

Professional subtitles and captions greatly help students in online learning environments. Students take full advantage of video transcription and captioning services, using them as learning aids to improve comprehension. Of course, this has implications outside the classroom. Investing in subtitling services ensures your videos are more widely understood and absorbed by viewers, which is essential for any online training course or informative video.


2. Enhance Video Search & User Experience

Another advantage of professional subtitles and captions is that your video is more searchable. Users can search for keywords within the transcript and quickly find your video content. Therefore, subtitling services help viewers find the videos they are looking for. The entire user experience is improved thanks to the seamless online experience, which is a huge benefit of captioning services.


3. Boost Your SEO Ranking with a Subtitling Service

Search engines can’t watch videos and have nothing to do with the visual content on your website or social channels. But search engines can crawl your content and drive traffic to your site if you’ve invested in subtitling services. The entire text of your video is later indexed and made searchable.

Moreover, you can get long transcripts optimised for specific keywords as part of the captioning services you’re paying for. This will help you further optimise the search rank of your video, making it rank higher. Therefore, you increase your SEO ranking by adding professional subtitles and captions to your video content.


4. Subtitling Services Make Content More Accessible

Professional subtitles and captions were initially introduced to accommodate people who are deaf or have learning difficulties. Investing in captioning services and subtitling your content made it more accessible to such individuals. These original benefits of subtitling services still stand today; everyone can easily consume your product through improved accessibility, increasing the size of your audience.


5. Understand Content in Foreign Languages

Have you ever considered writing professional subtitles in a language other than English? People with different native languages can significantly benefit from captioning services. Foreign language speakers from other countries often require video translations of English content. Professional subtitling services help viewers from all across the globe understand your videos.


6. Enhance Native Language Skills

Professional subtitles and captions can help foreign language speakers understand your content, but let’s not forget how subtitling services can help improve your native language skills. Video transcripts help viewers understand and improve spelling, grammar, and punctuation. This is one of the primary reasons captions are recommended for children watching television. Captioning services are a subtle yet effective way of teaching them essential language rules.


7. Improve Videos with Poor Sound Quality

We all have seen videos with poor sound quality or loud background noise. Without professional subtitles, these videos can be near-impossible to understand. Likewise, many people (especially non-native English speakers) struggle to understand solid Russian, Scottish, or Australian accents.

With subtitling services, viewers can easily understand what the person in the video is trying to say. Captioning services also filter out all the noise in the background, so your viewers are only reading the important information. Every word is synchronised and precisely what the person is saying in the video, so your videos can be understood without any sound at all.


8. Learn About New Cultures

Another great thing about professional subtitles and captions is that they can help viewers learn more about other cultures. Access to various other cultures is something that we take for granted, but the reality is something different. A great way to learn about new cultures and traditions is by watching local programs and movies.

While listening to the audio gives some insight, subtitling services take things further. You can even rely on captioning services as a language learning tool, as professional subtitling can help you pick up the language with these local shows and movies.


9. Subtitling Clarifies Technical Terminologies

If you watch an interview or podcast, you might encounter technical jargon. This industry-specific terminology can make videos hard to understand, and you might not be able to pick up the new vocabulary through audio alone, you need professional subtitles to help! Subtitling services and captioning services make it possible to read the word from the transcript and search on Google.


10. Improve the Viewer Experience

Without captioning services, capturing your viewers’ attention instantly is a huge challenge. Sometimes, individuals are not in a position to turn on the volume. This is where subtitling services can come in handy. With the help of professional subtitles and captions, viewers can easily understand the content of the video. They don’t have to turn on the sound to understand everything.


Professional Captioning & Subtitling Services

As you can see, the benefits of subtitling services are extensive. If you have an audio clip or a video that needs professional subtitles or captions, you can count on our experienced team. Over the years, we have supplied many UK and foreign companies with our subtitling and captioning services, and the results were fantastic!

Your partnership with Renaissance Translations comes with professional memberships such as ATC and a guarantee to meet any tight deadline placed on us. Get in touch with our project managers today to discuss your project. You can grow your audience, make your content more accessible, prove audience understanding, and reap all rewards of adding professional subtitles to your video content.

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How Professional Translation Can Improve Global Communications

English was once considered the international language of business. However, a growing global economy has made working with a professional translation service provider more beneficial than ever. Professional translation agencies can take your English content and accurately translate it into any language spoken by your customers, employees, investors, suppliers, service providers, and business partners.

Therefore, top-notch translation services are crucial to international success, helping you effortlessly communicate with people outside and within the organisation. This article will highlight a few benefits you stand to gain when you invest in professional translation.


1. Better Communication with Customers

According to the 2020 “Can’t Read, Won’t Buy” report from CSA Research, 65% of consumers want content in their native language. The report also reveals that 40% of consumers won’t purchase products without information in their mother tongue. Therefore, hiring professional translation agencies is essential for the global success of your product or service.

Successful communication with global customers relies primarily on one thing: understanding. The person you’re communicating with has to understand what you’re trying to tell them. This can be difficult even for two people who speak the same native language, yet It gets much more complicated when a language barrier exists. You’ll need a professional translation from English to another language.

However, it’s not enough to translate word for word; you must consider tone, context, and culture. Different cultures find different things funny or offensive. A joke that makes perfect sense as a play on words in one language won’t likely have the same impact when translated. This principle can apply to all communications, including marketing materials, social media posts, company websites, and other customer-facing documents.


2. More Authentic Communications

When running a global business, getting customers and investors to understand your business’s value and mission is one thing. However, companies also have to create compelling content that people buy into. You have goals to accomplish, and these goals frequently depend on convincing others to take specific actions.

If you can’t reach consumers and investors in meaningful ways, you can’t meet your objectives. Even worse, you might offend others through a lack of cultural understanding. Critical communications must be accurate and authentic, which professional translation agencies can provide. To get the best results possible, it’s essential to find translation services performed by native speakers from across the globe.

Suppose that you’re addressing French Canadians. You wouldn’t necessarily want a professional translation service performed by a French national; the language may be similar, but specific terms, phrases, and cultural attitudes will vary significantly. To communicate globally at a deeper and more personal level, you need a French Canadian to work on your translation from English.


3. Set Expectations with Investors, Employees & Consumers

Collaborating with global investors or international business partners helps improve your expansion prospects dramatically. However, you must communicate your expectations of the relationship. You need to be precise about what you’re asking or offering to promote understanding and ensure satisfaction. This is only possible through a professional translation service.

Moreover, more businesses are now focused on creating a diverse workforce, hiring employees from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds. A language barrier with employees can lead to delays or other failures that set you back. This is true even with employees who speak English as a second language, and a translation of contracts and policies helps to set the expectations of multicultural workforces or teams operating in different countries.

It isn’t only employees and investors you need to set expectations with either; miscommunication with consumers could impact sales and harm your brand’s reputation. In worse cases, it can lead to liability cases and potential litigation. With professional translation agencies, it’s much easier to convey the intended meaning, generate desired results, and avoid these potentially destroying outcomes.


4. Professional Translation Improves Online Communications

An enormous volume of business communication happens online these days. With emails, text messages, and project management apps, workers can reduce the need for in-person meetings and streamline workflows. Of course, this system only works when communication is clear. Professional translation agencies allow for better communication with teams worldwide, ensuring desirable outcomes.

You can also make the most of website content and marketing emails with a professional translation from English to the local language. An accurate website translation service will tailor content to suit the culture and the customers you’re targeting. This helps to build trust and gets more paying customers onboard, especially with online-only businesses such as eCommerce.


5. Avoid Miscommunication & Conserve Brand Reputation

It’s not hard to spot poor translation services: there are always telltale signs of a non-native speaker. Awkward phrases, incorrect conjugations or sentence structures, and cultural snafus within the content are all dead giveaways. These mistakes might be a little embarrassing in everyday life, but for international businesses, these mistakes can destroy your brand reputation.

A professional translation will have a handle on all of these common issues. But to avoid miscommunication, you need translations that not only convey your intended meaning but are also culturally appropriate. This is why it is always advisable to work with translation agencies that promise 100% accurate results and conserve your English brand overseas. They can even provide brand translation to ensure your company name itself doesn’t offend!


Professional Translation Services from Renaissance Translations

Does your company engage in diverse hiring? Are you working with a team in another country? Do you have business partners or providers overseas? Or have you recently started selling products internationally? Professional translation from English to the native language of your customers, employees, and partners is vital for today’s international businesses.

With over 5,000 vetted translators and a commitment to excellence, Renaissance Translations is your reliable language partner. We are one of the leading translation agencies in the UK, able to handle projects of all shapes and sizes. From legal translations to website translations and hundreds of language pairs, our professional translation service is one you can trust.

Contact us today to learn more about our multilingual translation service options and get started with an experienced project manager. Expand your global prospects and improve communications now!

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Proofreading Service: Tips to Professional Editing & Proofreading

If you are reading this article, you are most likely looking for a professional proofreading service. Accurate editing and proofreading require specific language skills, fine-tuned spelling and grammar knowledge, and an eye for detail. Therefore, there are many factors to consider when searching for the best UK proofreaders. This article aims to provide a guide to that effect, helping you find the best proofreading service possible.

This guide will teach you why you should invest in high-quality proofreading services, the difference between editing and proofreading, and how to choose the best proofreading agency for guaranteed precision and accuracy.


Why is Proofreading Important?

Document proofreading is a crucial procedure in several industries. For a translation agency, editing and proofreading are essential to ensuring that the translation is as accurate. Editing comes after translation, in which cultural appropriateness is assessed. Proofreading follows, during which qualified UK proofreaders check the document for punctuation, grammar, and spelling mistakes.

A professional proofreading service can also be an integral aspect of the writing process for business or academic purposes. In publishing, it is also common to offer proofreading to access one’s language skills. The goal is to ensure there are no errors. Accurate copy makes your documents and other materials look professional, helping customers trust your business and become long-term clients. It also ensures that no message is misconstrued by a simple grammar mistake!


Is Proofreading the Same as Editing?

Editing and proofreading often go hand in hand, and most people mix up editing and document proofreading. Although closely related, these two procedures are not the same. And while both can alter a document or writing, they are distinct and separate stages in document revision.

A professional proofreading service deals with minor errors and mistakes and is the last stage in the document writing process. On the other, editing can be an elaborate process. Editing deals with altering the language, structure, and topics included in a piece. In this way, editing should be seen as a more precise and detailed exercise than proofreading. It typically consists of the following steps; however, the steps depend on the text requirement:

  • Content editing
  • Line editing
  • Copy editing

Only after a document is edited correctly is it sent for proofreading by qualified professional UK proofreaders specialising in your language and niche.


How to Select the Best Proofreading Services?

While it might be easy to find a company offering editing and proofreading, finding a reliable proofreading service can be a challenge. You must consider many things before enlisting a UK proofreader to work on your documents. This is especially true when you need academic or business document proofreading, in which mistakes can look unprofessional, lose business, or impact learning.

Some people prefer to look for freelance UK proofreaders. And there is nothing wrong with this! However, the quality of your deliverables is left to chance. You must ensure that the individual has the right language skills to deliver the best editing and proofreading services for your budget. Depending on the budget, your results can come in varying degrees of quality.

On the other hand, enlisting editing and proofreading services from a translation agency provides more reliable results. Still, you need to be aware of a few things, as sometimes your document might be declined. When this happens, it is typically because your content requires much more than just proofreading services—it needs specialised industry expertise.

For this reason, you must understand what services you require before hiring a language services provider. This is often the case with academic or legal content. These fields are rich with terms that must be accurately included. Here, proofreading services can only do so much. First, someone with the necessary field experience and technical know-how must look at it before it can be proofread.


How Much Does Professional Proofreading Services Cost?

The price you pay for a proofreading service depends on the translation agency and the type of document you want to proofread. Cost is often calculated by the word count of the document. Nevertheless, you might encounter an agency that charges you per page or hour. It is down to whatever company or freelance UK proofreaders you choose to work with.

Depending on the agency, you can get editing and proofreading services at standalone pricing. You could also choose to combine both services. The crux of the matter is that you understand what service you need before moving on and ensure you know whether your quote includes the cost of editing, proofreading, or both.


How Long Does it Take to Proofread a Document?

The time taken for editing and proofreading varies depending on the project size. The more content you need to revise, the longer it will take UK proofreaders to check the spelling, grammar, and punctuation. The bigger the project, the more time it takes to complete.

Moreover, agencies select deadlines according to your budget and requirements. The longer there is for the proofreading procedure, the lower the price. On the other hand, if you need your documents proofread urgently, agencies typically charge a premium for fast turnaround. If you are working towards a strict deadline, select a translation agency that can provide a quick proofreading service for a price within your budget.


Renaissance Translations’ Professional Proofreading Services

If you have a document that needs editing and proofreading, Renaissance Translations can help. You can rely on our adept UK proofreaders to polish your content, ensuring it is 100% accurate and professional. We have recruited experienced translators with great attention to detail and the ability to pick up errors—nothing slips through the cracks.

We are members of the Association of Translation Companies in England as well as SDL partner programme. Our proofreading service is reliable and consistent, and we can meet any deadline you need for competitive prices. Contact us today to discuss your project or request a quote online, and our project managers will be in touch shortly.

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