Professional Portuguese Translation Services

Renaissance Translations offers quick and accurate Portuguese translation services at affordable rates. With a large network of native Portuguese translators, our expert team can efficiently translate your documents into Portuguese covering various types of content and industries.

As a leading translation agency, our team can handle translation projects of any size to help expand your business in Portuguese-speaking countries. Some of our satisfied global clients include National Geographic, Deloitte, Saatchi & Saatchi, Thomson Reuters, CRDF Global, BMW, Damac and The World Bank.

Hiring Renaissance Translations as your Portuguese translation agency guarantees high-quality Portuguese translation regardless of the required language pair, project’s size and complexity.

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Why Choose Renaissance

Renaissance is your go-to translation agency. Our expert team will meet your specific requirements and can provide comprehensive language translation services, consistent results and reliable service.

Excellent Quality

Our translation services are only performed by well-vetted native speakers of the target language to make sure we deliver high quality and accurate translations.

Competitive Translation Rates

Accurate translations shouldn’t come at an exorbitant cost. We pride ourselves on having competitive rates and offer several price options to suit all possible budgets.

Quick Turnaround

We understand that sometimes you need to connect with audiences fast. Therefore, we use translation tools to expedite our processes and meet quick turnarounds.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

We provide our clients with broad protection through our full professional indemnity insurance, as recommended by the Association of Translation Companies in England.

English to Portuguese Translation

Translating to Portuguese is a valuable investment for anyone looking to expand their business globally. Portuguese is an official language on four continents and is spoken by millions worldwide. It is also the fifth most used language on the internet, with 82 million users. But this expansive reach means Portuguese translators must choose the suitable form of the language in their translation – one of the most complex challenges agencies face.

An English to Portuguese translation is made harder by substantial grammatical differences. For example, all nouns are gendered (masculine or feminine), subjects are omitted in specific sentences, and many prepositions are contracted. Another complexity for translators is Portuguese tenses, and the language relies heavily on inflected verbs to convey meaning. For non-native speakers, these differences are complicated to master.
These variations are unsurprising when we assess the origins of both languages. English is a West Germanic language, whereas Portuguese is a Romance language with a likeness to Spanish and Italian. The only major similarity with English is word order, but even this has confusing additional rules when indicating possession. For professional results, all Portuguese translation services are best left to an agency like ours.

Professional Portuguese Translators

Our Portuguese translators are experts in their field with years of translation experience. Each of them has passed our online translation test before being accepted into our network. They also have at least five years of translation experience and relevant qualifications in translation.

To ensure excellent results, our project managers only use native Portuguese translators when translating to Portuguese. Whether your Portuguese-speaking audience is in Portugal, Brazil or Mozambique, your words will read naturally without losing the key elements needed to achieve your specific content goals.
With this large network of professional translators, we can work under short deadlines even for large projects. If you need to translate your document into multiple languages, below are some more available languages:

Areas of Expertise

Wine enthusiasts worldwide are grateful for Portugal’s contributions to the wine industry: Cork, Green Wine and Port Wine. Coffee and soccer fans cannot get enough of either from Brazil. We are grateful for and enjoy our skilled Portuguese translators, available as needed for a variety of Portuguese translations.

Renaissance Translations offers expert and high-quality Portuguese translation services in a range of different languages, covering a variety of industries. No matter what industry your business operates in, our team of talented writers will provide efficient, error-free translations. With our help, you can set up a business in new markets and attract new customers.
Many companies and brands worldwide trust our company as their translation provider. Regardless of the industry you work in, we have expert Portuguese translators who provide specialised subject knowledge. This knowledge, combined with our understanding of the language, enables us to offer professional Portuguese translation services in multiple markets.
Here are just some of the industries we can translate to Portuguese:

Portuguese Translation Tips & Insights

High-quality Portuguese translation services are what we do best! To help you achieve the same success, here are two insights from our English to Portuguese translators. Use these to ensure your communication is as professional and effective as possible.

European vs. Brazillian Portuguese

It is widely acknowledged that Portuguese is spoken in Europe and Brazil. However, many people are unaware of the significant differences between these two variations. They are mutually intelligible but have discrepancies in vocabulary, intonation, grammar, and pronunciation. Choosing the correct version helps foster a better connection with your audience. Ensure you select the most appropriate version when you translate to Portuguese for the most significant impact.

Be Aware of Text Expansion

Portuguese is a more elaborate language than English. Therefore, a translation to Portuguese takes up around 30% more space than the source text. On the other hand, a Portuguese to English translation shrinks by roughly one-third. This expansion and contraction can drastically change the layout and design of your material, which is a vital consideration for visual content. Think about revisiting formatting once you translate the text to ensure a professional finish.

Portuguese Language Facts

  • Portuguese belongs to the Ibero-Romance family. Other languages within this group are Spanish, Catalan, and Galician. These languages are between 35% and 80% mutually intelligible due to their similar roots.
  • The Portuguese language is global and spoken by European, South American, African, and Asian populations, making it one of the most widely distributed languages on our planet.
  • In Europe, Portuguese is the official language in Portugal. However, it also holds official language status in Brazil, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, Timor-Leste, and more!
  • There are approximately 245 million Portuguese speakers across the globe. This makes it the fifth most spoken language based on the number of native speakers.

Popular Portuguese Translation Phrases

Here you can learn some of the most popular English phrases and their Portuguese translations.
Words to translate from English to Portuguese Translating to Portuguese
Good morning
Bom dia
Good luck
Boa sorte
I love you
Eu te amo
Happy birthday
Feliz Aniversário
Thank you
How are you?
Como está?

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