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Video subtitling and captioning are the display of textual versions of the audio dialogue, usually displayed at the bottom of the screen. While subtitling is the translation of the video’s language, captions are the same language as the video, used to aid deaf and hearing-impaired audiences. Creating and translating subtitles is essential for any business looking to break into foreign markets and to connect with a global audience. We are a trusted video subtitling company in the UK and worldwide providing comprehensive video translation services for many global brands. We have a large network of qualified and trained linguists who have extensive experience in translating movies, TV programmes or other business communications. Whether you need open captions, closed captions or live captions, we can accurately and concisely provide all without charging an exorbitant price.

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Why Choose Us?

Renaissance Translations is your go-to video subtitling company. Our expert team will meet your specific requirements and can provide comprehensive video translation services, ensuring consistent results and reliable service.

Excellent Quality

Our qualified native speakers will ensure that your video is accurate, making your business look professional and reliable.

Affordable Rates

Subtitling a video does not have to cost a fortune, and our rates are highly competitive with packages available to suit all budgets.

Quick Turnaround

Your project is our priority, and you will have your fully subtitled video back at record speed without compromising on quality.

Insurance Coverage

We provide our video subtitling services clients with broad protection through full professional indemnity insurance.

Your Trusted Subtitling Agency

We understand the importance of cross-cultural communication through video subtitling and captioning. For this reason, we have made thousands of qualified native speakers available to provide video translation services. Our expert team will ensure that your text is accurately translated and created as subtitles. We can also make things easier for you by offering full-service option which includes burning the subtitles into your video, making it ready for distribution in your new market. As the number of characters can vary from one language to another, our experts will ensure that your subtitles fit the screen perfectly in all languages. Trust our video subtitling company and let us help you reach a wider audience.

Professional Subtitling Services

Our project managers will assign your project to one of our professional subtitlers who have extensive professional experience in this field. They are not only native speakers but also experts in your target language. Moreover, they are able to skilfully provide effective solutions for common issues, including colloquial expressions and casual speech patterns. We will then overlay the finished video scripts and captions onto your original video, or a dubbed translated video if you prefer. By using the latest creation and insertion technology, the format fits the screen no matter what. You are finally left with quality videos that engage and connect.

Global Subtitling Services

We work with native speakers across the globe to provide video subtitling in almost every language imaginable. Our customer-first approach and outstanding quality have made us the subtitling company for businesses both large and small. Below are a few testimonials from our happy client base.
“I started a small self-funded project and needed help subtitling a video from English to Spanish. Some colleagues recommended Renaissance Translations and I cannot recommend them more highly. They truly cared about my project and the final results were incredible.”
“Subtitling is harder than it looks! After several frustrating attempts, we hired Renaissance Translations. They made it look easy and returned our video fully subtitled within a few hours. Excellent work! We will also definitely use their services again.”

As Trusted By

We provide professional subtitling translation in over 120 languages for a variety of industries. Our success rate is very high compared to other subtitling companies and has helped us win the trust of hundreds of clients worldwide. Our experts will accurately subtitle your video and always deliver quick and professional video subtitling services.

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