History of Languages

The history of languages started thousands of years ago. Humans began developing sounds to express thoughts, meanings, and intentions. This is the common origin of languages; all are built on a need to communicate and a decision to express ourselves through sound. Over the years, hundreds of words and grammatical systems were formed, resulting in the colourful language diversity we see today.

Some modern languages have barely evolved and resemble their ancestral language, whereas others are relatively new or heavily developed. Let’s not forget the history of languages lost in the modern world as significant world languages have risen to prominence. And the history of languages is far from over – just as words and grammatical systems have changed and emerged over the years, they continue to evolve today.

Here we look at the history of languages spoken today in more detail. Discover the origin of languages, the development of grammar, vocabularies, and writing systems through the years, and insight into the modern version of all major languages.