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3 Reasons Your UK Business Needs Accurate Translations

Accurate translations are essential to getting your UK business recognised in the global marketplace. When you translate accurate and professional content, you create an atmosphere of trust and build goodwill with your prospects. Professional translation services also help your foreign-language customers understand everything about you, improving sales and business profits.

Here we run through three core benefits accurate translations can bring your UK business in more detail. We also discuss why hiring a translation agency should be part of your globalisation strategy.


Accurate Translations Help Expanding to New Markets

There are several benefits to expanding to new markets, but they all come with a challenge you must overcome: language barriers! For businesses trying to expand their reach and customer base abroad, dealing with multiple languages can be difficult. It is essential to invest in accurate translations so you can effectively communicate in other languages and connect with a global audience.

For businesses with a global presence, to translate accurate text is rarely enough; the importance of a localised approach cannot be understated. When searching for products and services online, users often do so in their native language and expect to see results that fit their specific market. There are many ways to ensure your local presence is viable and credible. These include:

  • Including multilingual content on your website (such as product descriptions)
  • Having dedicated phone lines for each language
  • Using a localised telephone number
  • Employing social media translation for localised accounts
  • Using third-party review sites such as Trustpilot or Yelp! to allow customers from different areas to review products/services in their native languages
  • Using different email addresses for each region
  • Offering a localised blog with information tailored to each audience


Exporting Your Products & Services Overseas

If you are considering marketing your products and services to an international audience, you need to ensure that you have accurate translations for the content on your website. Not only this, but you may also need to translate documents such as brochures, flyers and catalogues so that they can be read by prospective customers who do not speak English.

Using a professional translation agency will help ensure that all of the necessary documents are translated accurately and quickly. This will help keep your business running smoothly and ensure that customers worldwide can find out what you have to offer. When you translate accurate, easy-to-read web copy and marketing materials, you can begin to find buyers for your products abroad.

Moreover, selling your goods overseas may require you to look for new suppliers to meet the demand for things like packaging or promotional materials. Legal documentation will also need to be translated into a variety of languages. When forming new partnerships, you must be transparent and precise, highlighting the importance of accurate translations in international business success.


Expanding Your Customer Diversity

Accurate translations can help to expand your customer diversity and make your company more inclusive. To do this, start by understanding the requirements of international customers and users. It’s not enough to translate accurate content into their language with website translation. You must also understand their culture, customs and expectations, investing in full localisation services.

If your website is intended for use by an international audience, you need to think about accessibility, too. For example, is navigating your site easy for those with hearing or visual impairments? The needs of older internet users can differ from younger ones, so consider whether you could make some changes, such as increasing font size or taking colours out of backgrounds that allow everyone in your audience to access the information they need.


Renaissance Translations’ Accurate Translation Services

Accurate translations are vital in ensuring communication between your UK-based business and the rest of the world. Using a professional translation agency will guarantee quality and save you the time and money spent on substandard translations that ultimately reflect negatively on your business.

If you are looking for an agency to translate accurate copy, look no further. Renaissance Translations offers high-quality translations for all languages and industries, such as business translationfinancial translation, and marketing translation. We have employed thousands of professional translators who work only in their native languages, ensuring accurate and precise results.

Your partnership with Renaissance Translations comes with professional memberships such as ATC and SDL LSP Partner Programme. Contact our project managers today to discuss your project and get accurate translations to help your business succeed. Join our happy clients and let’s get your project started today.

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Business Translation Services: Four Things to Consider

It is no secret that the opening of economies today has encouraged businesses – even SME businesses – to expand to new markets. This has increased the demand for business translation services from translating companies in the UK and worldwide. Business translation services basically translate all your company documents, marketing materials, and other materials to meet to needs of your new targeted markets.

In fact, this period is considered one of the most expansive periods in history and translation helps drive significant revenue for expanding organisations. But before you invest in business translation services, here are four things to consider when choosing a language services provider.


1. Accuracy of Business Translation Services

Your business communications are essential — without clear communication, your company would not be able to run smoothly. Your clients need to be able to understand all transactions and interactions that will take place between you and them. Ensuring this will grow a feeling of mutual trust between your company and your clients. And this requires accurate business translation services.

There are three main ways in which translating companies ensure they translate services accurately: professional translators, top-notch technology, and the translation process used:

  • Professional Translators: Look for translating companies that employ translators with at least five years of business translation experience. They must also pass an online translation test and have a degree in translation.
  • Translation Technology: Translation technology aids the human translation process, streamlining larger projects and storing words and phrases to help you maintain a clear brand voice. Search for agencies that use CAT tools and software such as SDL Trados to help guarantee excellent translation results for your business documents.
  • TEP Translation Process: TEP is a three-step translation process that all good companies use. The first step is translation, rendering your text into the target language. The next step is editing, ensuring that the document makes sense and uses the correct terminology. The last step is proofreading, ensuring no spelling or grammatical errors.


2. Translating Company Fees

All successful businesses need a firm handle on their finances. Therefore, you may be left wondering about the cost of business translation services and whether you have enough budget. Don’t worry! The fees for translating companies vary significantly between firms, and you’ll always be able to find an agency that fits your budget.

It is also good to remember that business translation will be worth the cost. With professional business translation services, you can communicate clearly with your business partners and clients. It also opens up new market opportunities, driving your reach and revenue. Whether you’re selling products or services, translate your content and you’ll see a huge ROI.


3. Types of Business Documents

Business translation services cover a vast array of document types. You might need to translate services descriptions, product guidelines, marketing materials, business websites, or internal communications. Always check the specific document types and formats offered by translating companies to ensure they can fulfil your unique requirements.

Some of the types of business translation include:

  • Website translation
  • Software localisation
  • App localisation
  • Contract translation
  • Marketing translation
  • Financial translation


4. Available Languages

The language required for business translation services depends on the goals of your organisation. You may want to expand your business into India and need a translation to Hindi. Or you may need to translate services for clients you work with in Spain.

Always check the languages offered by translating companies to ensure they’re capable. Most agencies provide common language pairs, such as Arabic to English, English to Spanish, English to Chinese or French to English. However, finding translators for uncommon language pairs such as French to Italian, Spanish to German, English to Tigrinya, or Chinese to Russian is more challenging.


Renaissance Translations’ Business Translation Services

At Renaissance Translations, we offer accurate business translation services in all languages. We can translate services, products, marketing materials, websites, and more, and we promise to put your professional business translation first. We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the experience.

In fact, our client-centric approach is what puts us above other translating companies, making us the trusted language partner of prominent global brands. Some of our current loyal customers include HSBC, Audi, CRDF Global, Unicef and many others. We also charge competitive rates compared with other companies, with packages aligned to every business budget.

Your partnership with Renaissance Translations also comes with professional memberships such as ATC, so you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands. To learn more about our business translation services, contact our team today. One of our professional project managers will be in touch to learn more about your business goals.

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Top 9 Software Localisation Companies

Software localisation involves translating software and adapting it according to the culture of a particular country. This process mainly aims to make the software as user-friendly as possible. Anyone needing to translate software can find many software localisation providers on the web. These translator software tools come in all shapes and sizes with unique functions.

The sheer quantity of online options can make finding the right localisation software for your project challenging. Here we have compiled a list if you are looking for a reliable software localisation service that provides quick and efficient results:


1. BLEND Localisation

BLEND Localisation started offering its services in 2008. It is a private translation agency with branches in Los Angeles, Shanghai, Kyiv, and Bucharest. It provides a global software localisation service for international brands, specialising in companies with end-to-end technology software to translate.

BLEND’s software translator service is a multi-market enabler that helps companies reach the right audience. They are a translation company with an artificially intelligent stack including front end, back end, and database technology.


2. Lilt

Lilt is another outstanding company offering software translator services. It has been providing software localisation since 2015 and relies on an AI machine-learning translation engine. The translator software is a type of Natural Language Processing (NLP) tool that learns from human responses to break down language and translate software into multiple local languages.

As it is reliant on AI, Lilt offers timely solutions at affordable prices. It is therefore a great option if you need to translate software quickly and on a budget. Lilt has also employed experienced linguists to translate the context of the software to ensure their deliverables are accurate and user-friendly.


3. Rev Software Localisation

Rev offers on-demand transcription and translation services rather than specialising in software localisation. However, the company uses advanced translator software that can quickly process audio and video sources into native languages compared to other translation services. It takes less than two hours for files ten minutes in length. For larger files, it has a turnaround of:

  • Less than 5 hours for files 10-30 minutes in length
  • Less than 12 hours for files 30-60 minutes in length
  • About 24 hours for files 60+ minutes in length

Rev has transcribed audio for international companies such as Facebook, Google, Buzzfeed, Disney, PBS and Amazon. It is a reliable tool if you have software to translate quickly but do not need a full software localisation service.


4. Pangea Localisation Services

Pangea Global is a translation company that provides professional software localisation services for financial institutions, E-learning, marketing and iGaming agencies. They have also been hired to translate software for medical devices, FX trading, and more!

Their software translator service covers a diverse range of industries as they employ more than 600 translation professionals, industry experts, terminologists, and linguists. It is also an International Organisation for Standardisation (IOS) company, so you are guaranteed that even the most technical software is localised accurately.


5. Tomedes Software Localisation

Tomedes offers software localisation services for all types of businesses. It isn’t just software translator services on offer, either—Tomedes can localise websites and mobile apps, too. You can translate software into any of their 120 available languages, ensuring it’s a perfect linguistic and cultural fit for worldwide audiences.

The company has been working since 2007 and has 20,000 linguists from all over the world in its network. The service provided by Tomedes can localise software used for business, marketing, finance, medicine and other industries.


6. LocalizeDirect

LocalizeDirect is another reliable software localisation company. They are headquartered in Heisenberg, Sweden, while their development team works from Vietnam. The company has employed 400 native-speaking translators to translate software into more the 65 language pairs.

Their software translator services are explicitly tailored to game developers. Overall, the agency has translated 81 million words in 1000+ games! They have become a favourite translation company among software companies and individual users with widespread clientele, having worked with brands such as Avalanche Studios, Vivid Games, and WB Games.


7. Localise Lab

Localise Lab offers software localisation services in many countries, with a particularly strong presence in Canada, Australia, and China. The company aims to enhance user experience by using the latest technology and translator software to support its team of native linguists. Their experts also conduct software testing to improve the user interface.

The language pairs offered by Localise Lab are slightly restricted, with 40 languages available. However, they are a good choice if you want to translate software into a widely spoken dialect with a strong focus on usability and UX.


8. Ulatus

Ulatus is a translation company that offers professional software localisation services to businesses to help them reach a wider audience. As an ISO-certified organisation, it provides quality translation and contextualised results. It uses the Translation Quality Management System (TQMS) to ensure that each part of your software is fully developed before being launched.

As a translation agency, the company can also translate software to suit all markets and audiences. They consider all parts of your programme during their comprehensive software translator services, localising alert messages, online help, dialogue boxes, and GUI text.


9. Renaissance Translations’ Professional Software Localisation

Of course, another reliable software localisation service is available through our company. The quality of our software translator service is no less! With a network of over 5,000 expert language professionals, we can translate content into over 120 languages and cover a diverse range of industries. This includes localising websites, medical devices, marketing materials, and more.

When you rely on our agency to translate software, we handle your project professionally. Your work is delivered on time, and the quality is not compromised. Your partnership with Renaissance Translations comes with professional memberships such as ATC and SDL LSP Partner Programme. Get in touch with our professional project managers, who have years of experience, to get a quote for your project today.

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How to Choose Your Language Service Provider: 3 Easy Steps!

In the current global economy, companies in all industries are investing in a professional translator service. Working with a language service provider helps to ensure that your translation is cost-effective and high-quality. However, when choosing a language service provider, businesses must consider their unique needs and requirements. Can translating agencies meet your demands? Are they reliable and efficient? Is their work accurate and professional?

All businesses are unique, so the precise requirements of companies and organisations vary dramatically. Nevertheless, there are some common things you should keep in mind when choosing a language service provider. This article explains these essential ingredients you need to know before choosing translating agencies. Use this to gauge which language service provider is the best fit for your company.


How to Choose a Language Service Provider

When choosing a translating agencies to work with, it is vital to shop around and do your research. Every translator service is slightly different, with its own recruitment requirements, technology and software, and translation processes.

When comparing one language service provider with another, there are several things to consider: the quality of their translations, the types of technologies used, their ability to meet tight deadlines, and a comparison of the company’s reputation. It is also essential to ensure that translating agencies have experience working with your specific documents, such as contract translationbusiness translation, or technical translation.


1. Assess the Quality of Their Translations

When choosing a language service provider, it is essential to see samples of translation work to ensure that only a high-quality translator service is provided. You can check the companies’ recent projects on their website and client testimonials as proof of their level of service. Companies hiring qualified native speakers with translation degrees are more likely to produce accurate content.

Nowadays, reputable translating agencies also provide its clients with professional indemnity insurance coverage as recommended by the Association of Translation Companies in England. Before choosing the language service provider, you also need to understand how any issues in the quality of your translation, if any, will be addressed. This will help you decide the best translation service and protect your company from disputes.


2. Type of Technologies Used For Translations

To make processes more efficient, technologies must be used in translation. Reliable translating agencies will use CAT (computer-assisted translation) tools to deliver highly accurate translations. The agency can use its CAT tools such as SDL Trados to create glossaries, known as translation memories. They can also manage the terminology for each project, ensuring consistency in your deliverables.

Technologies also significantly improve the search for cost-effectiveness and flexibility in the translation process. Your translator can work faster and collaborate with other linguists more efficiently. This is especially true when integrating product information systems or content management with translation management systems offered by a language service provider.

Make sure to enquire about the technologies used by the translator service provider and whether they will be able to meet your specific needs. For instance, a language service provider might be using AI tools to help in their translation or a more basic term base storage system. You should also be aware of any compatibility issues that may arise because of their technology usage.


3. Ability to Meet Tight Deadlines

Another criterion to judge which language service provider is best for you is by looking at their ability to meet tight deadlines. Delivering work on time for small and large projects shows the ability of the translating agency to meet your needs, no matter how fast a turnaround you need! This step is crucial because it will enable you to save time by not choosing an inefficient language service.

To help gauge their effectiveness in meeting tight deadlines, you can give out a sample gig and judge their abilities to meet your timeline and translation requirements in full. As mentioned, technology can also make the translation process more efficient and is another excellent way to gauge whether your translator service provider can work to your deadlines. Reviews from happy customers are another green flag, showing they received outstanding service on time.


How to Compare Language Service Providers

When finding a language service provider, comparison is vital! You can research translator service companies and ask for samples of their work. After reviewing their pieces, shortlist a few agencies that consistently produce high-quality and accurate content.

You’ll then want to look more deeply into the reputation and reviews of each language service provider before deciding. Check what qualifications and tests their translators must pass to belong in their network. You should also check whether the translating agency offers professional indemnity insurance and ask what translation technologies they use.

Furthermore, you usually get a translation quote for your language services project. By comparing proposals from different suppliers and centralising the process, you can find the best translation company to meet your professional translation requirements.


Let Renaissance be your Trusted Language Service Provider 

The steps above for choosing a language service provider might seem daunting! But with careful planning and execution, it can be a smooth process. By researching different translator service providers, you can be sure to find the best service for your needs and make an informed decision.

Renaissance Translations is a leading translation network with over 5,000 qualified native speakers, each holding translation degrees and having passed our stringent proficiency tests. We use the latest translation technology to streamline and improve our processes and your experience. And we have a wealth of positive customer testimonials to prove our excellence as a translating agency.

To discover more about our available languages or translation services, check out our website. Alternatively, contact our team for any queries about our processes or services. You can also request a quote for your project, and one of our project managers will be in touch shortly.

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How French Translation Services Can Boost Your Business

French translation services are undeniably critical for businesses looking to offer their services and products worldwide. But for the best English to French translation, companies need a translation agency with extensive experience in this language pair. These agencies can perform a translation from French to ensure websites and apps, marketing materials, and business documents are understood by French speakers.

This article takes a closer look at French translation services and how they can help businesses expand smoothly. We also explain the benefits of using a reliable language partner to produce the accurate translations you desire.


History of the French Language

To understand the importance of French translation services, we must first appreciate the French language history. French is derived from Latin, like all other Romance languages. This took some time, and it wasn’t until the 9th century AD that French was different enough from Latin for it to be considered a distinct language.

Today, there are about 76 million people around the world that speak French as their native language. It is the fifth most spoken language in the world, spoken on every continent and the official language of a whopping 29 countries! The best English to French translation considers these different regional versions of the language and chooses the most suitable for your target market.

Add in the fact that French is widely used in diplomatic matters worldwide. Therefore, it is easy to see why a translation is beneficial to business. French translation services help businesses with expansion, improve worldwide communications, and increase their customer base by millions! Let’s uncover these benefits in more detail.


Benefits of French Translation Services

Among the many benefits of expanding into the French-speaking world is gaining many new clients. As mentioned, French is the fifth most popular language in the world! The best English to French translation services provide the potential to reach these 220 million French speakers worldwide, expanding your company across the globe.

A professional translation will also help ensure that your business and clients can communicate clearly. This is crucial for business success; studies have actually shown that people who speak French are more than four times as likely to buy a product or service if it is marketed in French. You increase your client engagement and connection by translating your product into French.


How Companies Can Grow with a Translation Agency

If your company is expanding into the French-speaking world, you need to start thinking about where to find French translation services. You can use machine translations or get a French-speaking friend or colleague to help you with your translation from French. However, the best English to French translation always comes from professional translation agencies.

Hiring a translation agency will help you translate all types of documents you may need. This might include marketing materials, business websites, customer emails, and other business communications. A professional agency can also handle translations in multiple industries. For example, if you are an eCommerce company selling clothes, the agency can hire specialist translators in the textile industry.

When working with a professional provider, your translations will be accurate and professional. An agency can also help you grow engagement with your French-speaking clients and audience. They won’t just perform a word-for-word translation; they’ll apply cultural understanding to localise and transcreate content. This dramatically improves the effectiveness of your communications, letting your clients know they can trust you.


Renaissance Translations’ French Translation Services 

Renaissance Translations is the translation agency you need. Many global companies and brands trust our services as one of the best English to French translation services in the language sector. With a network of over 5,000 professional translators, we can also provide translation from French to any other language, not only English!

We have a stringent recruiting process for translators to help ensure that our linguists are the best. This helps guarantee that our clients are always satisfied with their deliverables, and we guarantee to meet any tight deadlines. Your partnership with Renaissance Translations also comes with professional memberships such as ATC, so you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands.

Contact us today to discuss your French translation service requirements. Our project managers will be in touch within minutes to talk about your business needs.

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