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Brand translation is vital for any company looking to expand into international markets. Nowadays, global companies must translate their brand names to avoid miscommunication with targeted audiences. However, a branding concept that serves well in one market can have an unwanted effect on another culture. Take KFC’s “finger-lickin’ good” tagline as a poor example, which translates to “eat your fingers off” in Chinese. The fast-food company failed to change its branding when launching its first restaurants in Beijing, making the brand sound anything but appetising!

Renaissance Translations offers high-quality and creative brand translation services at affordable rates. Our experts can translate and localise your company’s brand name, slogan, and logo for any targeted international market. We have translated many global brand names within all industries and would love to add you to our growing list of happy clients. Culturally appropriate branding can help you win hundreds of customers who respect your values, viewpoints, and company culture. And with creative and linguistic experts running your projects, you can trust that we can maintain your brand perception while giving you a kickstart in the global marketplace.

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Our brand translation customers

The red floral motif of the Huawei logo, with "Huawei" written below. Customer buying translation services.

“We have worked with Renaissance Translations on multiple technical translations and the results were always excellent. We are happy to have a great vendor like Renaissance Translations.”

The green and black block-lettered logo of United Medical. Healthcare translation services customer.

“Thank you for your excellent services. We’re impressed with the high level of quality we received for our technical medical content. We’ll keep working with Renaissance Translations.”

Blue letters of Turkish Airlines, next to red and white bird logo. Customer buying travel and tourism translation services.

“We used Renaissance Translations to translate multiple tourism documents into five languages, and the service we received was fast and efficient. More importantly, the quality of our translation was also excellent. Thank you Renaissance”.

Two men and a woman working together discussing something on a computer. Concept of brand translation and translating for global brands and companies.

Creative Brand Translations for Your Company

Brand translation is imperative to international success, regardless of which market you’re entering or sector your business falls under. Changing your brand name, company colours, and logo prevents your brand from falling flat in international markets. These features must resonate with your audience, and failure to consider your market’s language, customs, and traditions can evoke an entirely wrong impression.

Your brand is also much more than your logo or company name; it’s how your company is perceived and, when used correctly, is an extremely powerful marketing tool. Therefore, translating your brand requires a complete overview of your organisation’s values and mission to ensure these are met when entering foreign markets. This requires in-depth cultural appreciation and natural creative talent best left to professionals.
At Renaissance Translations, our team have extensive experience in providing creative brand translations for many clients worldwide. We’ve helped Western technology companies break into the Asian market and reworked Dutch brand names to help them succeed in the global marketplace. With a diverse network of linguists, we can translate your brand names across any industry. Below are some of the sectors we provided our translations for:

A bespectacled, bearded man working on a computer and taking notes. Concept of brand translation and translating for global brands and companies.

Expert Brand Translators

Our translators regularly translate global brand names and are experts at what they do. You can trust our linguists to translate your brand names flawlessly and receive a proper representation of your business overseas. As the first step in our creative process, your translator looks at how the brand name and company slogan translates to your target language. As native speakers, they ensure that the translated adaptation is not inappropriate or offensive. Based on their findings, your translator may need to transcreate or transliterate your company name and tagline into a catchy, market-appropriate alternative. We guarantee you won’t be made a laughingstock like KFC!

With the wording perfected, our creative team next localise your brand imagery and colour choices. International businesses often overlook translating these aspects of their brand, but a picture speaks a thousand words! For example, green symbolises joy in Iran but disgrace in China, and a logo featuring a woman’s face is acceptable for Western countries but inappropriate in the Middle East. Our experts understand these cultural sensitivities, so your company is successful overseas.

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