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Legal translation Services is one of the most challenging fields for a translator to master. They rely on confidentiality and accuracy, and the conveyance of complex information and legislation often requires precise grammar and word choice. An improper translation may lead to lawsuits and involve financial losses, so accurate and professional legal translations services are critical. Through our extensive network, we have developed the resources necessary to produce top-quality legal translations under demanding circumstances at very reasonable rates. Many law firms already trust our accurate, efficient and professional legal translations services. Join them and let us be your trusted legal translation services provider.

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“Big thanks to your expert translators! Very knowledgeable about the intricacies of complex legal documents with prompt delivery. As anyone in the legal space knows, deadlines are crucial for court documents and legal cases. So, it’s great to find such an efficient and quality service.”

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“Our law firm has been searching for a dependable legal translations agency for a while now. With their accurate translations and deadlines, Renaissance Translations go above and beyond what other agencies have offered in the past. We will use them for every legal translation from here on out.” such an efficient and quality service.”

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“We hired Renaissance Translations to translate a pile of legal documents and court decisions. Their language translation services are exceptional! They also returned the translation ahead of deadline and handled all our requests professionally and efficiently.” such an efficient and quality service.”

Trusted Translation Services by Global Clients

Our professional translation services are guaranteed to be 100% accurate, upholding the highest standards of business management and translation quality. We are an associate member of the Association of Translation Companies in England as well as the EUATC. We are also an accredited translation agency by the International Organization for Standardization, meaning that our translations are accepted worldwide.

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Legal Document Translation

We have provided legal translations services to many top law firms in the UK and across the globe. Many of these are long-term clients, and our translators have worked across multiple departments. This experience has given us an esteemed reputation in the industry, and we always provide a professional service whenever we translate legal documents. There is no limitation on the types of legal documents we can translate and interpret, nor the legal practice we feel comfortable working in. Our diverse network of expert linguists has expertise in all things legal! For exceptional quality, guaranteed accuracy, competitive prices, and complete confidentiality, Renaissance Translations can be your ideal language partner.

Expert Legal Translators

Renaissance Translations has an extensive network of expert legal translators in the UK. We only hire translators who provide accurate legal services for a variety of documents. Examples include certificates of life events, patents, court proceedings, litigation briefs, business contracts, and business terms and conditions. Our legal translators are also familiar with the specific terminology of several legal fields, such as bankruptcy and criminal law. Our project managers will always pick the most suitable translator for your project with first-hand industry experience in your practice area. Moreover, our legal translation services are always carried out by a UK legal translator native of your target language. This ensures you receive the most accurate translation ready to be submitted to official bodies.

Certified Legal Translations Services

Many translated legal documents must be certified by the appropriate authorities. Examples include official documentation for use in courts, educational establishments, and international government bodies. Certification proves that the translated paperwork is an exact replica of the initial source, whose contents are a “true and accurate translation of the original”. Failure to certify documents can lead to severe legal ramifications, so we never leave our clients in this dangerous position. Your legal document translator will provide a signed and dated note of certification with your finished translation; submit both to the relevant official body, and you will avoid all potential legal upset. Below are some of the other industries we regularly provide legal translations: Companies & brands, see Business translation Financial institutions, see Financial translation Government bodies, see Government translation

Quick Turnaround on Legal Translations

Deadlines are integral to all legal professionals’ working lives. Law firms have multiple deadlines running simultaneously, and a missed deadline can result in significant issues for the firm and the client. It could result in the inability to make specific claims or avoidable fines, and we understand how stressful this can be for lawyers and their associates. To reduce your stress levels, our legal translations services are always delivered promptly. Our extensive network of legal translators in the UK enables us to work to extremely tight turnarounds, so you never miss a deadline again. Whenever we translate legal documents, we establish the project’s urgency and work efficiently to meet your deadline – without compromising on quality.

Legal Translation Services

The courts often require professional legal translators for international cases or those with non-native defendants that cannot speak the official language. And certified translations of court decisions ensure that their rulings are clearly understood by everyone and expressed accurately. Our legal translation company is one of top providers of professional legal translation services. Our legal translation agency has years of experience in translating court decisions. We’ve worked on various cases, from simple court rulings to complex legal trials. With a vast network of professional legal translators, we always match you with a specialist familiar with the court proceedings in your country. This ensures that the verdict file format adheres to current legal standards.

Legal Translation Services for Corporate Law

Corporate law translations are among the most common professional legal translation services available through our agency. These services include translating documents related to mergers and acquisitions, equity transfers, and financial deals. Mistranslations of these corporate contracts can result in legal or financial repercussions, thus accuracy is crucial. Our legal translation company has a vast network of specialised legal translators with knowledge of corporate law. Combined with our cutting-edge translation technologies, this helps us to guarantee error-free results. With the expertise of our legal translation agency, you can secure international business deals and grow your company.

Legal Translation Services for Contracts

Contract translations require the assistance of highly specialised legal translators. They are legally binding documents with no room for error. While many language service providers claim to be legal experts, few have the knowledge to translate a full spectrum of legal contracts accurately. We are proud that many international businesses and legal firms trust our legal translation agency. Whether you have an employment contract, rental agreement, or financial deal, our legal translation company can offer fully certified translations. We partner you with a translator based on your requested language and contract type. You’ll also benefit from our non-disclosure agreement, so the details of your contract remain private. Trust our professional legal translation services and let us help you avoid catastrophic legal translation mistakes.

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Our legal translation company has established a global client base and has partnered with hundreds of companies and legal firms worldwide. With a large network of professional legal translators, we translate legal documents every day and always deliver quick, reliable and professional legal translation services.

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