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Renaissance Translations offers on-demand and accurate Italian translation services at affordable rates. With a large network of native Italian translators, our expert team can provide highly accurate translations across a wide range of content types and industries. As a leading translation agency, our team can handle English to Italian translation projects of any size to help expand your business in Italy. Our network is global, so someone is always available to work on your translation – regardless of your project’s complexity, we can translate to Italian quickly, efficiently, and professionally. Hiring us as your trusted translation agency guarantees high-quality translation services regardless of the required language pair. Whether you need an Italian translation into English, an English translation into Italian, or a combination of any other language pair, our Italian translators are here to help.

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Why Choose Renaissance

Renaissance Translations is your go-to Italian translation agency. Our expert team will meet your specific requirements and can provide comprehensive language translation services, consistent results, and reliable service.

Excellent Quality

Our translation services are only performed by well-vetted native speakers of the target language to ensure we deliver high-quality and accurate translations. All our Italian translators are also qualified with years of experience and training in using our innovative translation methods.

Competitive Translation Rates

An accurate translation into Italian shouldn’t come at an exorbitant cost. We pride ourselves on having competitive rates and offer several price options to suit all possible budgets. Discounts are also available if you need an Italian translation into English and several other languages.

Quick Turnaround

We understand that sometimes you need to connect with audiences fast. Therefore, we use translation tools to expedite our processes and meet quick turnarounds. Regardless of your project’s complexity or deadline, your English to Italian translation is always delivered on time.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

We provide our clients with broad protection through our full professional indemnity insurance, as recommended by the Association of Translation Companies in England. If your Italian translation contains any errors, this protection ensures that you’re covered.

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English to Italian Translation

Italian is a Romantic language and is largely regarded as one of the most beautiful languages in the world. Many words in Italian look and sound the same in English, as both languages have a shared history and were influenced by Latin. Yet despite their overlapping vocabularies, English to Italian translation services are complex and challenging.

One main challenge for Italian translators is the use of gendered nouns. This is a common theme in many Romantic languages, yet not seen at all in the English language. Therefore, only experienced and professional translation experts with an in-depth knowledge of gendered nouns can be trusted to produce a high-quality translation into Italian.
Moreover, Italian grammar is based heavily on Latin, whereas English’s Germanic roots mean word order, sentence structure, and punctuation are different. That’s before we mention the 34 different dialects spoken in Italy! As you can see, an Italian translation into English needs more than a great understanding of words – translators need to know all aspects of the language for accurate results.

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Professional Italian Translators

Our professional Italian translators are available to help you gain a competitive edge with high-quality translation into Italian. We only employ qualified translators who are experts in their field, with at least five years of translation experience. Each has also passed our online translation test before being accepted into our network.

To ensure excellent results, our project managers only use native Italian translators. When doing an English to Italian translation, your translator will be an Italian local who is fluent in English. Our extensive network of professional translators allows us to work under short deadlines, even for large projects that include multiple language pairs.
In fact, Italian translation into English is our most sought-after service. But if you need to translate your document into multiple languages, below are some others available through our agency:

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Areas of Expertise

Italy – known for its food, culture, and fashion – is more than a top tourist destination. As one of the industrial capitals in the world today, the Italian language holds immense significance in business and is the fourth most requested language by employers. Therefore, the need for an English to Italian translation company is as alive as ever.

There is particular demand for Italian translators within the financial sector; Italy is one of the largest economies in the EU and is attractive for investment. Therefore, professional translation into Italian is highly sought-after, especially in today’s global marketplace. With years of industry expertise, we can help with high-quality translation within the financial sector and further afield.
No matter what sector your documents fall into, we have Italian language experts specialising ivariousof subject areas with relevant expertise. This combination of industry insight and language fluency ensures your project is professionally completed. Below are some of the high-quality Italian translation services we offer:

Italian Technical Translation

Technical translation into Italian is the adaptation of complex text on the subject of science, technology, or law. These technical texts often contain sector-specific terminology, have strict formatting guidelines, and require a background understanding for accurate comprehension.

If you require an English to Italian translation for content such as scientific journal entries, manuals for electronic equipment, or legal contracts, we can help. Other types of technical documents we can adapt into other languages include technical drawings, aircraft instructions, data sheets, engineering specifications, and patents.
We have specialist Italian translators across all technical subjects in our extensive network. Each has the combination of technical knowledge and Italian language skills to produce 100% precise and accurate documents. Our agency can also handle technical translations into many other languages, such as an Italian translation into English, Chinese, or French.

Italian Desktop Publishing

The professionalism of an English to Italian translation is decided by more than the accuracy and fluency of the words on the page. It’s also influenced by the layout of your document, which is often impacted by the translation process.

Italian text typically runs longer than English, either causing condensed font that’s difficult to read or materials cut outside the page margins. Although both English and Italian utilise the Latin alphabet, Italian uses seven extra non-standard characters that might not be available in all fonts. If the symbols are unavailable, this can also make your translation into Italian hard to read.
Through our desktop publishing services, our Italian translators can adapt your translated content to ensure the content and designs are harmonious. This is particularly crucial for visual, print-based materials like posters, brochures, books, and magazines. You want your Italian translation into English to retain its original meaning and appearance, and with our agency, you can.

Accurate Italian Translation for Business

English to Italian translation is crucial in business. An understanding of the Italian language is requested by 14% of employers and is essential if taking your business to Italy, where the majority of speakers live. Italian translation into English is equally as crucial when working with the Italian market.

However, your business translation into Italian must be accurate and professional for it to be a success. Mistakes can make your company look unreliable or untrustworthy or lead to confusion among customers, employees, and investors. Some mistranslations are so bad that they can destroy your brand reputation overseas or turn your company into a laughing stock.
Our Italian translators can professionally translate a range of corporate documents while maintaining your unique brand voice and identity. Examples of content types previously worked on include business emails, business cards, human resources policies, staff training manuals, merger and acquisition paperwork, and employee contracts.

Italian Website Translation

Around 1.6% of all websites on the internet are written in Italian, whereas 58.8% are written in English. This alone highlights the huge demand for English to Italian translation of websites. If you plan on serving the Italian market, a website translation can give you a competitive edge and help you better connect with your new customers.

Of course, Italian speakers fluent in English can understand the majority of online content regardless. However, research suggests that people are more likely to trust and purchase from a website written in their native tongue. By investing in a website translation into Italian, you can increase conversions and build a stronger customer base in the Italian market.
Our Italian translators can take on website projects of all sizes and industries. We also offer website localisation and SEO translation services. Or perhaps you’re an Italian business looking to break into the UK and need an Italian translation into English. Our experts are here to help, no matter your requirements.

The Milan Cathedral, a 14th century white brick and marble basilica, Italy. Concept of Italian translation services.

Italian Translation Tips & Insights

As a leading translation agency, our Italian translators know some quick fixes and easy errors you can avoid in your writing. Try implementing the tips outlined below for an accurate translation into Italian, or trust our English to Italian translation services for your business needs.

Understand Italian Dialects

There is a huge array of Italian dialects spoken in Italy alone, which can broadly be divided into Northern, Central, and Southern dialects. Despite being within the same country, these regional dialects have significant differences in vocabulary and pronunciation.
By using local words and phrases within your Italian translation, you better connect and engage with your audience. Choose the most appropriate dialect for effective and engaging communications.

Pay Attention to Gender and Formality

One of the major differences between Italian and English is the use of gendered nouns. Ensure you use the correct suffix and adjective to match the noun you’re referring to in your translation to Italian. Similarly, pay close attention to the formality of your spoken and written content. There is formal and informal communication in Italian, and you must use the right words in the right context.
This is less important for an Italian translation into English, as English has no genders or formalities to get right. Nevertheless, these grammatical rules cannot be overlooked when translating to Italian.

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Italian Language Facts

  • Italian became an official language in 1861, but its origins date back to at least the 900s. There are just 21 Italian letters in the Italian alphabet.
  • The Italian language is spoken by 85 million people worldwide (63 million as a first language), making it the 20th most spoken language in the world.
  • Italian is an official language in Italy, the Vatican City, and Switzerland. It is also widely spoken in the US due to the large number of Italian immigrants in the 19th century.
  • The Italian language is the third most common language in Europe.
  • No Italian words contain the letters “J”, “K”, “W”, “X”, or “Y”, and any you come across in Italian have been borrowed from another language.

Popular Italian Translation Phrases

Here you can learn some of the most popular English phrases and their translation into Italian.

Words to translate from English to Italian English to Italian Translation
Good morning
Good luck
Buona fortuna
I love you
Ti amo
Happy birthday
Buon compleanno
Thank you
How are you?
Come stai?

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Our Italian translation services exist in almost every country. We’ve partnered with hundreds of companies worldwide and always deliver a quick and professional translation into Italian. Some of our satisfied global clients include SKY, Thomson Reuters, NHS, UCLAN, Audi, UNESCO, Saatchi & Saatchi, Kempinski, and United Medical.