Professional Healthcare Translation Services

Language translations are essential to providing access to healthcare services for all. The UK has a multi-cultural population, and professional medical translators have become crucial in limiting language barriers within the NHS and private sectors. Whether it be patient information, classified research, medical protocols or providing services worldwide, translating medical texts is critical to the success of the healthcare industry.

Renaissance Translations is one of the leading healthcare translation agencies across the globe. Our medical translators are experts in their field with great knowledge of the medical terminology. Our team can translate medical texts of all shapes and sizes, and also provide an extensive list of language combinations so you can enter any market you desire – and all for competitive prices.


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Our Healthcare customers

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“We needed a medical translation of patient reports so we could provide care to our non-English speaking patients. The medical translators at Renaissance Translations handled our project perfectly. Their work is high-quality, accurate, and their medical knowledge is second-to-none.”

The blue logo and symbol of UNICEF. NGO and charity translation services customer.

“Translating medical documentation is extremely complex, but the team at Renaissance Translations were up for the challenge. We usually use them to translate annual reports, brochures or else. But they translated medical articles for our journal effortlessly and worked to the quick turnaround we needed for submission.”

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“Thank you for your excellent services. We’re impressed with the high level of quality we received for our technical medical content. We’ll keep working with Renaissance Translations.”

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Accurate Medical Translations

At Renaissance Translations, our medical translators all have first-hand healthcare experience. Every linguist in our network is also a qualified native speaker of your target language. These two factors can guarantee highly accurate translations. We also have the intuitive knowledge of language to produce authentic content and the technical terminology to assert dominance within the medical sector.

For further assurance of accuracy, our healthcare translation services are always performed using the same method: translation, editing, and proofreading. This ensures no errors are overlooked at each stage. Translation technology further supports our human medical translators, helping your medical writing become more consistent, high-quality, and effective.

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Expert Medical Translators

The technical knowledge required for accurate healthcare translation services is often underestimated, but not by us! All medical translators in our network have backgrounds as healthcare, pharmaceutical, or medical professionals. They’re also qualified speakers of your target language, with an in-depth understanding of the healthcare sector and linguistics.

This level of understanding and experience enables our translators to replicate your source material in their mother tongue. Your translated text uses all technical vocabulary and terminology while accounting for cultural nuances. We understand the precise language you’ve chosen is crucial for clear communication and guarantee to deliver your message as intended.

A bearded, brunet man looking at a healthcare video-blog on a screen. Concept of healthcare translation by professional medical translators translating medical texts of all kinds.

Website Translation for Healthcare Institutions

Websites are a valuable asset for all businesses. In the healthcare sector, your website is a platform to showcase your services and specialisms to potential clients. Websites also provide patients with information on various diseases, encouraging people to actively manage their health. They’re about building trust, brand recognition, and providing access to critical information. For healthcare businesses working within multilingual populations, website translation is essential. In fact, website translation is one of our most in-demand healthcare translation services. We translate medical texts, audio files, graphics, and videos, so every member of your audience has a great experience using your site and seamless access to the information they need. Below are some of the healthcare translation services we regularly provide:

A close-up of two female doctors in scrubs and white coats discussing. Concept of healthcare translation by professional medical translators translating medical texts of all kinds.

Quick Turnaround on Healthcare Translations

Healthcare translation services are notoriously technical and time-consuming. Most healthcare translation agencies fail to meet tight deadlines without compromising on quality. But our extensive network of expert medical translators means quick turnarounds are standard here. You won’t ever be waiting long for your project to be returned, ready to be sent to clients or partners. Regardless of the complexity or type of translation you need, we offer speedy, high-quality, technically-accurate results. You don’t pay a premium for urgent deadlines but receive competitive prices for our extensive knowledge and experience.

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