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As the very nature of science is to increase our understanding of our surroundings, technical scientific translations are vital to continuously advance discovery and innovation. Inventing and innovating intrinsically requires new language “words” to describe and explain new findings. Some languages borrow the term coined by the researcher, and others choose to develop a term in their native language. Knowing when to use the original word or translate the meaning into the target language requires skill and deep scientific expertise from a specialist scientific translation company like ours.

At Renaissance Translations, we have subject matter experts who are fluent in many traditional sciences such as biology, chemistry, environment and more. This equips them to tackle all specialised and technical scientific terms and provide highly accurate translations in their native language. Our scientific translation services are professional, reliable, and accurate, and yet trusted by many companies around the world.

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Our scientific customers

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“As a science and innovation leader, we rely on Renaissance Translations to provide accurate and highly technical translations in Arabic, Kurdish, Bahasa, as well as other languages. Renaissance Translations is responsive and meets our tight deadlines, enabling us to be flexible and surpass clients’ expectations.”

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“Our colleagues recommended Renaissance Translations to us, and we got in touch. From the quote process through delivery of the project, our experience was excellent. Despite the fact that we are a US organisation, their staff were able to respond to our queries promptly and deliver the final product quickly.

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“Professional and reliable scientific translations from incredible translators. We worked with several providers as we needed to translate scientific contents into Arabic and Kurdish, but Renaissance was the most efficient, accurate, and affordable.”

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Accurate Technical Scientific Translations

To translate scientific terms accurately requires an in-depth understanding of science. At Renaissance translations, we carry out our scientific translation services by native speakers with real-world experience within the scientific sector. This ensures technical accuracy and cultural awareness to improve scientific communication within your desired market.

All our translations also pass through three essential steps – translation, editing, and proofreading. Our team will assess your content and its message at each stage, ensuring precise results without room for misinterpretation. Technical tools further aid our translators in improving the consistency and accuracy of your work. Your delivered scientific documents are professional, reliable, and precise every time.

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Expert Scientific Translators

Our scientific translation services are carried out by skilled translators, ready to respond to your every need. Everyone in our network is a qualified translator with years of experience delivering accurate results. The linguist working on your project is a native speaker of your target language. This ensures unrivalled competency in producing authentic and professional translations.

For further quality assurance, our translators have scientific backgrounds and real-world experience. We always partner you with an expert within your specialism – scientific translations are completed by science experts, for example. This knowledge is vital for accurate translations, especially when explaining intricate concepts or experimental methods.
Below are some of the scientific translation services we regularly provide:

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Website Translation for Your Scientific Company

Many assume scientific translation services are intended strictly for translating scientific literature, such as journal articles and research papers. However, most modern scientific companies have websites to showcase their expertise and deliver their findings. Many individual scientists also maintain personal websites as portfolios to demonstrate skills and receive more job proposals.

Renaissance Translations offers website translation and localisation services within the scientific sector. Our skilled linguists are meticulous with their work, translating all text, buttons, graphics, and links to your target language. Doing so improves the chances of your research findings or company being discovered by groups worldwide.

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Quick Turnaround on Scientific Translations

Science translations are technical and more extensive than simple translation projects. Yet despite these intricacies, our translation company is renowned for its ability to deliver accurate and professional results promptly. Quick turnarounds and tight deadlines are never an issue for us!

Thanks to the size of our network, there is always someone suitable to carry out your scientific translation services, no matter how urgent or last minute your request. We handle each stage of your project with the same matter of importance. You receive a transparent quote within thirty minutes of request and regular updates from your translator before efficiently delivery your finished documents.

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