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Professional Book Translation: A Complete Guide

Books translation services help authors and subject experts to connect with more readers all over the world. When we read a book, whether fiction or non-fiction, we’re taking a journey. Translating books into a selection of languages allows more people to take that journey with your book. Some people read books that aren’t in their first language, but this is still a limited number of readers. With this in mind, hiring a professional book translator for your book translation may be on your to-do list.

Translating books is one way to increase your readership and help your books transcend borders. Book translation is an art form in itself, striking a balance between accuracy and voice. So, to make sure the tone and voice of the author are not lost in translation, we recommend working with a talented book translator via a specialised book translation company. In other words, translating books is the best way to capture the message of the original text whilst striking a cord with native speakers in other languages.


Benefits of Book Translations

Book translation is a wonderful way for authors and publishers to increase their readership internationally. An exceptional translation by a skilled book translator opens doors to new markets. For example, digital book readership via online book-selling platforms continues to grow at pace, in countries like India, Brazil, Mexico and Italy. Translating books into suitable languages for these markets can unlock increased sales.

However, the last thing any author wants is for their message to get lost in translation. Therefore, we advise against using a machine translation tool or an amateur book translator for your translation. Furthermore, an excellent translation makes sense linguistically while maintaining the unique character of the original copy. To keep continuity in the translation, you should rely on a trusted translation company. It’s important to keep in mind that to avail of book translators, you must first ensure you have the rights to have to translate and sell the book in other markets.


Professional Translation Company

Translating books does not need to be stressful. A professional book translator will make the process as easy as possible for you. It is also important that the translator has a good understanding of the subject matter of the book. Additionally, a skilled translator will employ a mixture of direct translation and localisation, in order to retain the meaning of the text and the quality of the writing.

Preparing a translation glossary, which is a list of important names and terminology from your book, will help the translator produce high-quality text. For example, consider whether you want character names translated into a local equivalent or not, such as choosing between ‘John’ and ‘Johannes’. Fantasy names and places could also be documented in a translation glossary.

With a native speaker translating books into their first language, appropriate localisation can also be incorporated into the translation of the text. A native book translator has a natural “feel” for what will resonate with readers in their mother tongue. A reputable book translation company will also ensure high standards of translation by enforcing quality control. This assures accuracy in the translation process.


Book Translation Cost

The cost of translating books can vary hugely, depending upon several different factors. Possibly the biggest factor affecting book translation cost is the length of the book. A book translator will charge less to translate a 30,000-word novella than a 180,000-word epic fantasy. The language pair will also affect the cost of translation. The more uncommon a language pair is, the higher the translation cost will be.

The need for an industry specialist book translator can push up the cost of a book translation, but, depending on the book’s genre, it may be a necessary expense. For example, a legal or medical translation would require an industry specialist book translator, whereas a fictional novel would not require industry specialism. The turnaround time of a project can also affect the cost. Translating books can be time intensive; requesting a very short turnaround time may increase the cost of the translation. We recommend planning ahead and allowing plenty of time for the translation process before your planned publication date. 


Professional Book Translations from Renaissance Translations

Our pool of over 5,000 linguists is highly skilled and experienced across a range of languages and specialisms, including translating books in a range of genres. Whether you have a novel, a legal text or an academic book, we have the right book translator for you.

Your partnership with Renaissance Translations also comes with professional memberships such as ATC, so you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands. If you’d like to translate your book, you can get a quote on our website. Alternatively, one of our project managers would be happy to discuss your book translation requirements.

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English to Romanian Translation: A Complete Guide

Over 24 million people speak the Romanian language worldwide. If you’re a business looking to expand to Romania, then you will need English to Romanian translation performed by a native Romanian translator. This could be one of your best business decisions because it substantially expands your reach, offering new growth opportunities in foreign markets.

Consequently, there is a growing demand for businesses to communicate with potential Romanian speakers. In this article, we discuss how English content intended for an English audience can overcome language barriers and reach more customers. The easiest way to do this is by hiring a professional translation agency offering English to Romanian translation.

Professional Romanian translation agencies can accurately translate work to a high standard, guaranteed to help your business succeed in the Romanian market. Keep reading to find out more about the translation process, challenges that may arise, and how to choose reputable Romanian translators to trust with your project.


Professional English to Romanian Translation

When paying for English to Romanian translation services, you want to ensure you’re hiring professional native speakers. There’s no substitute for human translation, even if online tools may appear cheaper. Native Romanian speakers are the only ones able to accurately translate your work and preserve the intended message and tone.

Because Romanian has many different dialects, your Romanian translator must also consider the tone and language when translating your documents. This level of understanding respects local culture so that your work is tailored to every Romanian-speaking audience you want to reach. It requires more than a word-for-word translation and is best left to professionals.


Translation for a Range of Industries

Aside from knowledge of language and culture, professional translation agencies offer subject-specific expertise. This knowledge is essential for an accurate English to Romanian translation. It ensures industry terminology is understood and your message is preserved.

No matter how niche or complex your topic is, your Romanian translator should understand it inside and out. Most agencies typically offer their English to Romanian translation services in multiple industries. When choosing an agency, check their specific experience within your field for accurate and reliable results.


Romanian Website Translation

Translations take many shapes and sizes, but website translations are one of the most sought-after and beneficial options for businesses. Although a functional website can be accessed from anywhere in the world, many customers will only trust a website in their own language.

Comparatively, a website in Romanian provides a much better user experience and will engage Romanian-speaking customers much more. As a result, you’ll generate more leads and close more sales with Romanian customers, becoming a globally recognised brand rather than one that’s only serving your local market.

Unfortunately, website translation is a highly technical field. If you’re doing an English to Romanian translation for your website or app, ensure your Romanian translator is up for the challenge. Leading translation agencies help you fully optimise your site for Romanian customers. Localisation services take things one step further, ensuring the user experience is the same for English and Romanian visitors.


English to Romanian Translation for Marketing Purposes

Translating a website doesn’t end with the on-page content; you’ll also want to translate all aspects of your site’s SEO. When you improve SEO, it makes it easier for global search engines to find you. The higher your SEO rankings, the more chances you have of Romanian speakers finding your website, liking your brand, and purchasing your products or services.

Once your website is ready, consider doing an English to Romanian translation for marketing materials. Using innovative tools such as a translation memory helps ensure consistency across all your content. Professional Romanian translators can also translate social mediaprint ads, or other marketing collateral to English, allowing your business to flourish.


Business Translation Services

Together with website and marketing translation, your Romanian translator can help you with any other business documents you want to use in the Romanian-speaking market. This might include staff contracts, company policies, customer correspondence, email templates, and more.

These smaller pieces of content often get overlooked by organisations trying to break into foreign markets. However, they’re crucial for a good customer experience. Don’t let language barriers get in your way anymore; go the extra mile and show how much your Romanian company wants to collaborate with Romanian-speaking colleagues, customers, and partners.


Renaissance Translations’ Romanian Translation Services

If you want professional English to Romanian translation, Renaissance Translations could be your ideal language partner. We employ 5,000 translators worldwide that can help you with English to Romanian translation services in many subjects. With guaranteed accuracy and professional results, we are a translation agency you can trust.

Our translators also provide other language pairs. Whether you need Romanian to Spanish, Romanian to Chinese, Romanian to Danish, or Romanian to Swedish, our expert translators can help. Your partnership with Renaissance Translations also comes with professional memberships such as ATC, so you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands. If you’d like to know more about our services, talk to us today or a request a quote online. You’ll be glad you did!

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Korean Translation Services: An Ultimate Guide

The ability to communicate effectively is essential in many areas of life, and this is where English to Korean translations can help! An English to Korean translator can help customers improve communication within multicultural societies through translation. With Korean also fast becoming a major business language, Korean translations can provide a wealth of opportunities for organisations looking to enter the Asian market.

If you need to translate English to Korean, you’re in the right place! Here we discuss why professional Korean translations are essential and advise you on what all English to Korean translators should offer. From document translation to website translation, here is all you need to know about getting professional help to bridge barriers and form better relationships with Korean speakers.


Accurate Korean Translations

If there is one reason to use a professional translation agency, it is to ensure accuracy in your work. As the largest language isolates in the world – meaning it bears no relationship to any other known language – Korean is one of the more difficult languages to understand. It is a highly complex language that uses unique honorifics, syntax, and grammatical rules.

These language rules are entirely unfamiliar to English speakers, and only language specialists can translate English Korean without errors. In other words, only professional linguists can translate this complex and unique language to the highest standard. Therefore, agencies ensure that every English to Korean translator is a native Korean expert with extensive experience in both languages.

To ensure consistency, translation agencies take a methodical approach called TEP – translation, editing, and proofreading. By operating strategically, your Korean translations undergo quality control to avoid errors. This way, you receive superior quality work that is authentic, and professional and delivers your message as intended.


Cost-Effective Translation Services

Hiring an expert team of native Korean speakers can cost a fortune. If you’re looking for high-quality Korean translations, you should be prepared to pay a fair amount. However, see this as an investment for your business – the money you spend on professional translations is soon made back once you break into the Korean market, boost sales, and increase company revenue.

Nevertheless, affordable Korean translation services are available. Communication is vital, and you are hiring an agency to help you, not hinder you with expenses! After checking the qualifications and experience of your English to Korean translator, choose a company that offers competitive pricing. And remember, the benefits you receive from building great relationships are often well worth the prices charged.

A specialist translator will also use intelligent CAT tools to help translate English to Korean. This ensures you receive your translated documents at record speed. Even when working at their fastest, skilled agencies ensure you receive stellar translations. As a result, your work is always accurate, and professional, and conveys your intended message.


Korean Translations for Multiple Industries

Effective communication is vital in all areas of life! Therefore, professional English to Korean translators specialising in multiple sectors are available. From business and marketing to travel and tourism, a professional translation agency can translate any document from English to Korean, ensuring the language and formatting are spot on. Never lose the meaning or tone, and always get your message across in the way it was intended.

Some examples of Korean translation projects professional agencies can handle include:


Renaissance Translations’ Korean Translation Services

If you’re looking for a reliable translation agency, consider working with Renaissance Translations. We pride ourselves on our ability to translate from English to the unique Korean language to the highest standard. Our team of language experts are all qualified native speakers and have helped multiple clients with accurate Korean translations.

Your partnership with Renaissance Translations also comes with professional memberships such as ATC, so you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands. Whatever your translation needs, get in touch with us today. We can offer a quote and let our Korean translators get to work. With perfectly conserved meaning and unrivalled accuracy, bridging language barriers has never been easier!

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English to Afrikaans Translation: A Complete Guide

Do you do business in the South African market? An estimated 7 million people across South Africa and Namibia speak Afrikaans. It’s also spoken to a lesser extent in Botswana and Zimbabwe. To reach customers in these markets, you need to a professional translation from English to Afrikaans for your content with the help of an Afrikaans translator you can trust.

Unfortunately, finding a reliable language partner can be a challenge! Whether offering services online or on the ground, you want your message to Afrikaans speakers to be effective. Localised communication to the geographical market will help you reach your intended audience, but only if it is accurate, authentic, and professional.

We’ve written this guide to help you achieve the success you’re looking for. As a leading translation provider, here we walk you through everything you need to know about professional translation from English to Afrikaans and why they could be beneficial for your business.


Working in the South African Market

Afrikaans is spoken by around 14% of the South African population. This might seem like a small percentage, but it is the most widely spoken of the country’s eleven official languages. Therefore, a professional translation from English to Afrikaans is a worthwhile investment for anyone wanting to trade in the South African market.

It is equally as beneficial to translate from Afrikaans to English. English is the lingua franca of the business world, and, despite the rise of other economies, this doesn’t appear likely to change anytime soon. As one of the most widely comprehended languages, your reach expands exponentially if you use English to communicate.

A professional translation from English to Afrikaans should always be done by a qualified and native Afrikaans translator. Both languages have vastly different vocabularies and grammatical rules. There are also two formalities of Afrikaans, which are (formal) or jy and jou (informal)Choosing the proper formality for your content is imperative for your translated material to engage with your audience.


English to Afrikaans Translation

A translation from English to Afrikaans translations is carried out by qualified Afrikaans translators rather than non-qualified linguists or online tools. A professional translation agency will ensure that the documents you translate to Afrikaans can be relied upon. They can guarantee an accurate, high-quality, and authentic translation by native Afrikaans language speakers.

When looking for a translation agency to translate your project, you’ll discover that translation services are often sector-specific. This is because many industries use subject-specific jargon or wording day-to-day. For this reason, working with an Afrikaans translator specialising in precise technical or sector-specific translation is essential.

Other translation agencies categorise their services by content type. Professional agencies usually offer it all – they can proofread your documentstranscribe audio files, assist with subtitle translation, or provide voice-over services. Reputable firms also offer localisation and transcreation services for people wanting more extensive alterations.


Accurate Translation

Whether you need to translate academic, commercial, or professional text, an accurate translation from English to Afrikaans is essential. There have been too many cases of companies making errors in their translation, leading to ruined brand reputation in foreign markets.

It goes without saying that you want to give the correct impression to native speakers. This is another benefit of using a professional service. Any wording with unintended connotations in Afrikaans will be eliminated in the translation process. Qualified Afrikaans translators have years of experience and know the best methods for fast yet consistent results.

Agencies also have access to innovative technology. This computer-assisted translation software helps translators maintain accuracy and consistency using translation memory. With proven knowledge in their field and speciality (such as legaltechnologyfinancialengineeringeducation, and marketing translations), you can guarantee quality results every time.


Renaissance Translations’ Afrikaans Translation Services

If you have a document to translate or a website to localise into Afrikaans, get in touch with Renaissance Translations today. Our wonderful and client-focused team of professional translators won’t disappoint you!

We offer accurate translation from English to Afrikaans by qualified translators supported by the use of advanced translation tools. Each Afrikaans translator in our network has vast experience and performs their services to the highest level. Our translators not only translate accurately and diligently, but they are also subject matter experts in different areas.

Your partnership with Renaissance Translations also comes with professional memberships such as ATC. You can rest assured that you’re in safe hands with our professional Afrikaans translation services. Get in touch today to discuss your translation project, or request a quote a online. You’ll be glad you did!

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English into Polish Translation: A Complete Guide

Polish is a beautiful and dynamic language, however, for a native English speaker, the Polish language sounds and grammar make English into Polish translations challenging to master. This is problematic as Polish is becoming widely spoken, as it is the second most spoken language in the UK today! Therefore, hiring English into Polish translators is the only way to ensure high-quality language solutions.

If you’re considering hiring professional Polish translators to help you translate English into Polish, you’re in the right place. This guide explains why it’s crucial to hire a translation agency and work directly with expert linguists. We also advise you on what to look for in an agency so that you receive the accurate and professional results you’re seeking.


Accurate English into Polish Translations

Accuracy is the overarching benefit of using a professional Polish translation agency to translate content from English into Polish. Understanding and communicating in Polish is beneficial for building all kinds of relationships, and this is only possible with accurate results. You want every piece of content your translate to be 100% free from errors and deliver the intended message flawlessly.

When hiring professional Polish translators, you must consider hiring native Polish speakers. Your translator can translate English into Polish quickly and with guaranteed precision. This is true in terms of spelling and grammar but also meaning and tone. Your final product will be of premium quality with a consistent style throughout.

Professional translation agencies also know the importance of checking and double-checking work; even the best Polish translators occasionally make mistakes that affect your business. When working with skilled linguists, you benefit from them using a strategic approach called TEP. This three-stage process encompasses translation, editing, and proofreading to ensure no errors slip through the cracks.


Cost-Effective Polish Translation Agency

Many are turned off from hiring Polish translators as they assume that communicating through language barriers is expensive. However, you can find professional Polish translation services that are competitively priced, giving you the avenue to build relationships with non-English speakers and complete tasks previously impossible.

The small upfront investment you make will pay itself back 10-fold. Paying for high-quality translation is a no-brainer with the new connections and experiences that open up thanks to improved communication. This is especially true compared to inaccurate translations using free online tools that could potentially ruin your brand reputation – a cost far higher than professional English into Polish translations.

Not only is a specialised Polish translator fairly priced and accurate, but they are also speedy. Leading agencies utilise translation technology tools to help return your documents at record speed. This gives you more time to break into the Polish market, providing yet more opportunity to see a return on your investment.


English into Polish Translation for Multiple Industries

The need for high-quality Polish translation services is not limited by industry. You may need a legal document translation or an entire eCommerce website translated into Polish! Many of these industries use sector-specific terminology and require industry knowledge. Document typesetting and formatting and understanding regulatory requirements are also essential for more technical sectors.

Each professional English into Polish translator has their area of specialisation, taking on documents in their niche. Therefore, working with an extensive translation network is best. The diversity of large teams ensures they can translate across many sectors. You can keep all your projects under one roof, knowing your Polish translators are choosing the correct formatting and language for your industry.

The Polish language is also becoming more widely spoken across the globe. Large networks don’t put boundaries on the types of translations they do. English into Polish translations and vice versa are popular services. But professional agencies can also translate Polish to FrenchGerman to Polish, Spanish to Polish, or any other language of your choosing.


Renaissance Translations’ Polish Translation Services

Whether you need Polish translators for personal or business use, Renaissance Translations is here to help. We offer expert translations from English to Polish performed by native speakers to guarantee authentic, accurate, and error-free results. Every translation conveys your message perfectly, and all without breaking the bank.

Your partnership with Renaissance Translations also comes with professional memberships such as ATC, so you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands. Contact us today today to discuss your translation project, or request a quote online. Don’t let language get in the way of new relationships and opportunities. Let us be your premium yet affordable translation service, and use our Polish translation services today.

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