Professional Medical Translation Services

Nowadays, the need for accurate medical translation services is growing rapidly around the world. Following the globalisation of the health industry through the coronavirus pandemic, health facilities must use qualified medical translators to break down language barriers and communicate cross-culturally. The growing foreign population in the UK means private and public healthcare sectors also need medical translations to convey patient care and treatment options.

Renaissance Translations offers quick and accurate medical translation services at competitive rates. As our network of language translators and medical experts has grown, we now offer more language combinations including uncommon language pairs. Whether you need medical device translations or to communicate care information to foreign patients, our translators can deliver precise results quickly.

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Our medical translation customers

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“We needed a medical translation of patient reports so we could provide care to our non-English speaking patients. The medical translators at your company handled our project perfectly. Their work is high-quality, accurate, and their medical knowledge is second-to-none.”

The blue logo and symbol of UNICEF. NGO and charity translation services customer.

“Translating medical documentation is extremely complex, but the team at Renaissance were up for the challenge. We usually use them to translate annual reports, brochures or else. But they translated medical articles for our journal effortlessly and worked to the quick turnaround we needed for submission.”

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“Thank you for your excellent services. We’re impressed with the high level of quality we received for our technical medical content. We’ll keep working with Renaissance Translations.”

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Specialised Translations for Your Health Facility

The field of medicine is vast, ranging from cardiology to psychiatry, and only healthcare experts should carry out medical translations. The types of medical documents including patient consent forms, consultation reports, medical device manuals, and medical journal articles are just some examples we’ve worked on previously.

We have an extensive network of medical translators specialising in a range of subjects and content types such as book translationacademic translationmarketing translation and more. When translating medical content, we always partner you with a specialist in your field. They will have experience translating your required medical documentation to guarantee the best results possible.

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Expert Medical Translators

At Renaissance Translations, our experts rely on a thorough understanding of medical terminology and the healthcare industry. Our medical translators all have backgrounds in either the private or public healthcare sector, allowing them to translate into multiple subjects. This also enables us to offer accurate and high-quality translation services that exceed your expectations.

Furthermore, our translators are native speakers of your target languages and qualified to perform translations. They use this intuitive knowledge of language and cultural nuances to produce accurately translated medical documents. Whether you need translations for medical technology, medical reports, or clinical studies, our experts can help at record speed.

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