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Renaissance Translations offers high-quality Hindi translation services at affordable rates. With a large network of Hindi translators, our expert team can provide a professional translation to Hindi across all documents and content types. From business documents to websites, legal paperwork, and technical content, there is nothing we can’t translate. As a leading Hindi translation company, we can handle translation projects of any size to help expand your business in India. Our global network ensures we can have multiple Hindi translators working on your project around the clock. Each is always a native speaker of your target language, meaning they translate Hindi accurately and authentically. Hiring us also guarantees a fast and efficient translation to Hindi regardless of the required language pair. English to Hindi translation is our most in-demand service, but we can also translate Hindi into French, German, Chinese, Arabic, or almost any other language.

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Why Choose Renaissance

Renaissance Translations is your go-to Hindi translation agency. Our expert team will meet your specific requirements and can provide comprehensive language translation services, consistent results, and reliable service.

Excellent Quality

Every translation to Hindi is performed by well-vetted native speakers of your target language, ensuring we translate Hindi to an outstanding quality. All our Hindi translators also have at least five years of professional experience and have passed our proficiency test.

Competitive Translation Rates

Accurate Hindi translation shouldn’t come at an exorbitant cost. We pride ourselves on having competitive rates and offer several price options to suit all possible budgets. Discounts are also available if you have a large translation to Hindi or a project that involves multiple languages.

Quick Turnaround

We understand that sometimes you need to connect with audiences fast. Therefore, we use translation tools to expedite our processes and meet quick turnarounds. As a result, your English to Hindi translation is returned quickly without ever sacrificing quality.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

We provide our clients with broad protection through our full professional indemnity insurance, as recommended by the Association of Translation Companies in England. This protection ensures you’re covered if your Hindi translation contains any errors.

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English to Hindi Translation

There are many similarities between Hindi and English. Both scripts are written from left to right, and there is some overlap in vocabulary. For example, the word “bungalow” means the same in Hindi as in English. However, English to Hindi translation is complex, and you need to use a qualified Hindi translator for accurate results.

The main challenge Hindi translators face is sentence structure. Verbs are always put at the end of sentences, and auxiliaries go after the verb rather than before. For example, “how are you?” in Hindi becomes “You how are” when translated word for word to English. Therefore, high-quality Hindi translation services need a thorough understanding of text structure. Additionally, all nouns have genders in Hindi, a new concept for English speakers.
Another issue arises regarding written translation to Hindi. Whereas many Hindi and English words are pronounced the same, words are written using the Hindi script rather than the Roman alphabet. This adds another dimension and can alter the design of visual content such as apps, websites, or marketing materials. To translate Hindi accurately, it’s better to use a professional translator.

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Professional Hindi Translators

Our Hindi translation services are ones you can trust, primarily thanks to our extensive network of professional Hindi translators. Our translators are experts in their field, with at least five years of translation experience. Each of them has passed our screening test before being accepted into our network, proving they can translate Hindi accurately.

To further ensure excellent results, our project managers use native Hindi speakers for every translation to Hindi. For example, an English to Hindi translation is always carried out by a native Hindi speaker fluent in English as a second language. Doing so guarantees that all local nuances are accounted for.
With this extensive network of translators, we also can work under short deadlines and take on projects involving multiple languages. So whether you need an English to Hindi translation or to translate your document into another language, we can help.
Below are some other languages available through our network:

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Areas of Expertise

Hindi is one of the official languages of India. As such, any business looking to break into the Indian market needs to appoint a Hindi translation company. India has a large middle-class population and is, therefore, an attractive consumer market. In fact, it is the largest market for manufactured goods and third globally in terms of market size.

This means English to Hindi translation is of particular interest to companies with eCommerce sites or those selling manufactured goods. Moreover, our Hindi translators have the required skills to subtitle Hindustani audio Bollywood films in English or translate Hindi legal documents written in Devanagari to Arabic or Chinese scripts when needed.
At Renaissance Translations, we provide translation to Hindi for many industries. Below are some examples of work previously completed:

Hindi Technical Translation

Technical Hindi translation refers to the adaptation of complex scientific or technological topics. For example, translations in the fields of medicine, healthcare, engineering, or electronics, are specialised technical translations. Legal translation to Hindi also falls under this advanced translation type.

The common theme with all of these translations is that they require particular industry knowledge and an understanding of niche terminology. Hindi translators must therefore be fluent in your language pair and have sector-specific expertise. Moreover, minor errors in these translations can have severe health, financial, or legal repercussions.
Renaissance Translations provides technical English to Hindi translation for all advanced topic types. If you need to translate Hindi instruction manuals into multiple languages, scientific journal entries into Hindi, or patient information leaflets for a new pharmaceutic drug, get in touch today.

Hindi Desktop Publishing

Many people assume a translation to Hindi is as simple as converting the text from one language into another. However, your content layout will change when you translate Hindi. For an English to Hindi translation, your text will expand by 15% to 35% and alter the page layout. The use of different scripts also changes character position, character spacing, and line spacing.

Hindi desktop publishing (DTP) involves taking your Hindi translation and putting it into the layout of the source document. This is crucial for all print-based documents, such as magazines, books, posters, product packaging, newspapers, and brochures. It ensures that your deliverables look as professional as they read.
Our Hindi translators can fulfill all your DTP and typesetting needs. If you have print-based advertisements, business cards, sales brochures, or any other visual materials, let our team give them a high-end, professional finish.

Accurate Hindi Translation for Business

Business formality and protocol are crucial in India, so having native Hindi translators fluent in this complex scripted language is key for your business success. Likewise, there are subtle nuances from Indian English to Canadian, US, British, and Australian English. Therefore, even English-speaking organisations in India often require assistance proofreading or localising their written communications.

Renaissance Translations is your reliable Hindi translation partner you can trust for all your corporate documents. We can translate Hindi business documents into other languages or adapt your business cards, HR policies, employee contracts, or company emails into Hindi. Your translation to Hindi is accurate and professional, always retaining your unique brand voice.
We also work with different multimedia formats, from providing voiceovers for staff training videos to English to Hindi translation of marketing materials and websites. Our translation services for business are not limited by industry, either; whether you have a company selling electronic products or a pharmaceutical business, we can match you with someone specialised in your field.

Hindi Website Translation

Hindi translation for websites is one of the most valuable business investments. Websites are a brilliant way to instantly expand your global reach and connect with Hindi-speaking populations across the globe. Even if they can read and understand your English site, a translation to Hindi help build trust and convert visitors into customers.

Our expert Hindi translators are here to take on any website translation project, from complex sites to simple sales pages. We translate Hindi websites to any other language or can adapt your site to Hindi if you’re planning on entering the Indian market. We can also offer advanced website translation services, such as SEO translation or localisation.
The former ensures your English to Hindi translation accounts for search terms used in the Indian market, helping to improve your position in foreign search engines. This helps drive search traffic and improves your online searchability. The latter adapts all portions of the site to ensure the same user experience across all languages and markets.

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Hindi Translation Tips & Insights

Professional Hindi translation services are what we do best! Here we share valuable tips and tricks from our expert Hindi translators to help you create accurate content. Use this advice whenever you translate Hindi to create content that resonates with your audience.

Know Your Hindi Dialects

There are an astonishing 48 recognised Hindi dialects. The major dialects are: Braj Bhasha (ब्रज भाषा), Khari boli (खड़ी बोली), Haryanvi (हरियाणवी ), Bundeli (बुन्देली ), Awadhi (अवधी), Bagheli (बघेली or बाघेली), Kannauji (क़न्नौजी), and Chhattisgarhi (छत्तीसगढ़ी).
These dialects are mutually intelligible. Nevertheless, to truly connect and captivate your audience, your translation to Hindi should be in the primary dialect your audience speaks.

Choose the Correct Formality

There are both formal and informal words in the Hindi language. When paying for professional Hindi translation services, translators are aware of this and will choose the appropriate words for your audience. Yet if doing a translation yourself, keep the formality in mind. Choosing the incorrect term can show a lack of respect, possibly turning customers, employers, or potential investors away.
This is particularly crucial for English to Hindi translation, as English has no formal in informal pronouns to use as reference when your translate Hindi.

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Hindi Language Facts

  • The Hindi language got its name from the Persian word “Hind” which means “land of the Indus River”.
  • Hindi is an official language in India, along with English and several regional languages. It is also spoken in Nepal, Fiji, Mauritius, and other countries.
  • There are nearly 550 million speakers of Hindi worldwide, of which almost 425 million speak Hindi as their first language.
  • Many English words are originally Hindi, including bungalow, banana, sorbet, shampoo, yoga, jungle, and more!
  • Hindi became an official language in India in 1965. Hindi Day marks the 14th of September each year to celebrate the anniversary.
  • Hindi is written in the Devanagari script and is one of the 22 languages of India.

Popular Hindi Translation Phrases

Here you can learn some of the most popular English phrases and their Hindi translations.
Words to translate from English to Hindi Hindi Translation Hindi Transliteration
Good morning
सुबह बख़ैर
Subah bakhair
Good luck
आपको कामयाबी मिले
Aapako kaamayaabee mile
I love you
मैं आपसे प्यार करती हूँ
Main aapase pyaar karatee hoon
Happy birthday
जन्मदिन की शुभकामनाएं
Janmadin kee shubhakaamanaen
Thank you
आपको धन्यवाद
Aapako dhanyavaad
How are you?
क्या हाल है?
Kya haal hai?

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Our Hindi translation services exist in almost every country. We’ve partnered with hundreds of companies worldwide and always translate to Hindi quickly and professionally. Some of our satisfied global clients include National Geographic, NHS, HSBC, Aramco, Thomson Reuters, United Medical, Mobily and Ernst & Young.