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Renaissance Translations offers quick and reliable Norwegian translation services at affordable rates. With a large network of native Norwegian translators, our expert team can provide high-quality English to Norwegian translations in a variety of content types and industries.

As a leading translation agency, our team can handle translation projects of any size to help expand your business in Norway. Some of our satisfied global clients include Norwegian Church Aid, Samsung, UCLAN, The World Bank, Deloitte, Saatchi & Saatchi, Audi and HSBC.

Hiring Renaissance Translations as your Norwegian translation agency guarantees professional English to Norwegian translation regardless of your project’s size and complexity.

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Why Choose Renaissance

Renaissance is your go-to translation agency. Our expert team will meet your specific requirements and can provide comprehensive language translation services, consistent results and reliable service.

Excellent Quality

Our translation services are only performed by well-vetted native speakers of the target language to make sure we deliver high quality and accurate translations.

Competitive Translation Rates

Accurate translations shouldn’t come at an exorbitant cost. We pride ourselves on having competitive rates and offer several price options to suit all possible budgets.

Quick Turnaround

We understand that sometimes you need to connect with audiences fast. Therefore, we use translation tools to expedite our processes and meet quick turnarounds.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

We provide our clients with broad protection through our full professional indemnity insurance, as recommended by the Association of Translation Companies in England.

Norwegian children in traditional bunad dress marching in national day parade. Concept of Norwegian translation.

English to Norwegian Translation

Many people assume English to Norwegian translation is a relatively simple task. English and Norwegian are Germanic languages, so the two have significant similarities in grammar and vocabulary. Word order follows the Subject–Verb–Object structure in both languages, for example. Their vocabularies are also remarkably similar, as many English words have been borrowed from Norwegian. Ski, iceberg, and krill are three typical examples.

Despite these similarities, considerable differences make high-quality Norwegian translation services challenging to master. For example, possessive pronouns can be placed before or after the noun in a sentence, and possessive apostrophes are not used. Subject–Verb agreement errors are also common in Norwegian to English translation projects and vice versa. These are only subtle discrepancies but distinguish between a skilled and sloppy translation.
In addition, the similarities themselves pose more challenges for translators. The overlapping vocabularies are highly useful, but there are many “false friends” – words that are spelt the same in English and Norwegian but have entirely different meanings. For example, this includes words like bra (good), hell (good luck), love (promise), and travel (busy). Using these words assuming they carry the English meaning results in loss of context and, in worst cases, incomprehensible text. Trust our professional English to Norwegian translation services for the best results.

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Professional Norwegian Translators

Our Norwegian translators are experts in their field with years of translation experience. Each of them has passed our online translation test before being accepted into our network. They also have at least five years of translation experience and relevant qualifications in translation.

To ensure excellent results, our project managers only use native Norwegian translators when handling an English to Norwegian translation. With this large network of professional translators, we can work under short deadlines even for large projects.
If you need to translate your document into multiple languages, below are some more available languages:

Oslo's Barcode Project, a series of black-and-white high-rises. Concept of Norwegian translation.

Areas of Expertise

We are trusted by companies worldwide for our professional English to Norwegian translation services. Our global client base extends across all industries, and we’ve helped businesses in multiple sectors enter the Norwegian market. This has enabled us to gain specialised industry knowledge of various subject areas. Combined with our in-depth understanding of the language, this industry expertise has particularly made us the go-to company for Norwegian translations.

Whether you want us to translate a generic document, or a more specialised piece, our Norwegian translators are on-hand to meet your specific needs. Some documents contain industry-specific terminology and information. Therefore, we provide industry specialist translators for these documents. In addition, some of the many industries we cover include marketing, business, education and training. Our financial translation offering includes specialist translators who are experienced in banking, accounting and insurance.
Some of the sectors we offer Norwegian translation services in are listed below:

The National Theatre, a 19th century cultural landmark in Oslo, Norway. Concept of Norwegian translation services.

Norwegian Translation Tips & Insights

Our English to Norwegian translators are experts in accurately translating documents that connect, engage, and inspire. Here they provide two must-know tips you can use for your next translation project to ensure your copy has the same effect.

Choose the Correct Written Form

There are two distinct written varieties of the Norwegian language: Bokmål and Nynorsk. Around 90% of the Norwegian population uses Bokmål, so this system is used for most Norwegian translation services. However, Nynorsk is more common in Western Norway. Therefore, ensure you define your target audience and choose the most appropriate dialect. Both varieties are linguistically very similar, but paying attention to the subtle differences makes for a more compelling translation.

Avoid Machine Translations

Regardless of your target language, we always recommend human translators over machine translations. Yet this is even more crucial when you do an English to Norwegian translation! The Norwegian vocabulary contains many unique or highly compounded words and phrases that have no direct translation into English. Human Norwegian translators can unpick and decipher these phrases, whereas meaning could be misconstrued when relying on machines. At Renaissance translations, high-quality Norwegian translation is always guaranteed.

A lake in between a number of green mountains. Concept of Norwegian translation.

Norwegian Language Facts

  • There are approximately 5 million Norwegian speakers across the globe. These speakers predominantly live in Norway, where Norwegian is also the official language.
  • Norwegian is one of the only tonal Indo-European languages – tonal languages are rarely seen outside of Asian languages.
  • Many words in the Norwegian vocabulary are also incredibly long! One example is fylkestrafikksikkerhetsutvalgssekretariatslederfunksjonene, which is 58 letters long and refers to the role of a committee leader.
  • Finally, there is a significant overlap in the English and Norwegian vocabularies. In other words, the words problem, finger, ski, over, under, and glass are all present in both languages.

Popular Norwegian Translation Phrases

Here you can learn some of the most popular English phrases and their Norwegian translations.
Words to translate from English to Norwegian English to Norwegian Translation
Good morning
Buna dimineata
Good luck
Mult noroc
Ha det bra
I love you
Jeg elsker deg
Happy birthday
Gratulerer med dagen
Thank you
How are you?
Hvordan har du det?

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