Professional Publishing Translation Services

Publishing translation covers various materials, including pieces of creative writing, enchanting books and novels, thought-provoking educational content, and ground-breaking scholarly journals. It is a vital service for anyone looking to translate and publish their projects overseas, ensuring your target audience can read and understand your publication. It helps to engage international readers and ensure your text reads well in foreign markets.

Renaissance Translations offers high-quality publishing translation services at affordable rates. Our expert team will translate your publishing materials using our large network of professional native-speaking linguists with extensive publishing backgrounds. This guarantees professional, accurate, and consistent publishing translation, producing books and materials ready to print.

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Our publishing translation customers

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“I thoroughly recommend Renaissance Translations. The company translated a couple of books for us into 3 languages, and we were very happy with the quality of translation and standard of service delivered. I’m always happy to partner with Renaissance.”

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“The service we received from Renaissance is professional and accurate. They provided translations in different subject fields and language combinations, and we were happy with the quality and service.”

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“We wholeheartedly recommend Renaissance Translations! They have provided Arabic translations for our education standards project for the UAE Ministry of Education. We have used multiple translation services for our project. But Renaissance is the only service that has consistently provided quality translations on time, in spite of immense time constraints.”

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Specialised Publishing Translations for Your Company

Our publishing translation services are second-to-none, with our linguists having first-hand publishing experience. However, translating publish-ready medical journals, legal blogs, or scientific papers requires a different skill set than is required to translate expressive poetry or fictional stories. As an extensive network of linguists, we have experts who can help with all types of publishing documents and manuscripts.

The former examples rely on in-depth industry knowledge. The publications need to be translated by someone with subject-specific expertise that knows industry terminology and complexities to ensure accuracy. On the contrary, stories and poetry more likely require the transcreation of text. This is a more creative translation whereby we adapt the content to suit your target market’s culture better and improve your publication’s success overseas. Below are some of the services we usually provide our publishing customers:

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Expert Publishing Translators

Everyone in our publishing team is a native speaker of your target language, so you can rest assured that your content is authentic and accurate. Our linguists also consider the culture of foreign markets and adapt text when necessary. When artwork is part of the publication, such as in children’s books, our team ensures these are suitable for foreign markets and culturally appropriate, too. Your voice will still be heard, just by more ears and in more languages than before!

With multiple language combinations, years of translation experience, and the help of translation tools, our experts provide accurate, professional, and efficient results every time. After our translations are complete, our desktop publishing and typesetting team ensure your publications are ready to print. Whether you’re publishing a collection of poems in Italy or a fashion magazine in China, our experts are here to deliver publish-ready work suitable for a global audience.

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