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Public relations (PR) and media translation services are crucial for international businesses looking to be featured in the news. Using the media to promote something significant about your company through a press release is a brilliant way to improve publicity domestically and internationally. Perhaps you are promoting a product, celebrating a reward, or announcing a company milestone. PR is also crucial in conserving your company’s image, with crisis strategies and responses to negative opinions online undertaken by your PR team. Translation of these news releases helps you communicate these milestones or crisis responses to global clients that don’t speak English. Renaissance Translations provides professional and reliable media translation services to clients across the globe. Our specialised native speakers will translate your PR materials, ensuring accuracy and cultural awareness. We also promise fast turnarounds and professional results, ready to publish to media outlets across the globe. Regardless of your language combinations and project requirements, trust our services and let our experts take your business to the next level.

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“If you need media translation, look no further. Renaissance Translations is a fantastic PR translation agency. They went above and beyond, offering full transcreation to change the angle of our story so that it is a better fit for Asian cultures. 10/10.”

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“We frequently use Renaissance Translations to provide translation and subtitling services. As a global brand, we have used the team of Renaissance to handle our press releases, stories, speeches, and copywriting to maintain our reputation in global markets.”

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“Renaissance Translations offers brilliant language services. We hired them initially for a press release translation, but their professionalism and knowledge mean they now handle a great deal of our work, subtitling movies, translating web content, and more. Thanks Renaissance.”

Specialised Media Translations for Your Business

When you own a global company, you must translate PR material into the native language of your targeted foreign markets. A press release or media translation ensures your article reads well in all markets your company operates. Likewise, professional PR translations can resolve criticism and negativity in all markets and conserve your brand reputation worldwide. Our translators thoroughly understand your target market, have copywriting expertise, and have media translation experience. Press releases also nearly always contain subject-specific information that experts in your field only understand. Therefore, we rely on industry experts to handle PR translations within various sectors. Below are just some of our areas of expertise: Travel news, see Travel translation Car brands, see Automotive translation Marketing PR, see Marketing translation Science news, see Scientific translation Universities, see Academic translation

Expert Media Translators

Our network is made up of qualified native speakers with extensive experience in media translation. With an intuitive understanding of your target language and all cultural nuances, our expert linguists ensure that your press release translation or other media material is effective overseas. Rather than translating word for word, our translators offer professional transcreation services. This adapts the press release, so it’s more culturally appropriate. For example, announcing a huge sale for Black Friday isn’t going to work in the Chinese market; this Western sales day doesn’t exist in their culture! Targeting their equivalent, “Singles Day”, is much more appropriate. Failure to do so could destroy even the most perfectly translated press release! Let our experts translate your PR material to ensure your company’s reputation is as good as ever – all across the world!

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Our media translation company has established a global client base and has partnered with hundreds of companies and media giants worldwide. With a large network of professional media translators, we translate, transcribe and subtitle every day and always deliver quick, reliable and professional media translation services.

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