Professional Intellectual Property Translation Services

Intellectual property translation enables businesses to register their unique ideas within a global marketplace. All companies offering innovative models and strategies are already aware of the importance of protecting intellectual property. However, IP translations secure your novel service in many jurisdictions rather than solely in the country from which your business operates.

Renaissance Translations is a leading business translation agency offering accurate intellectual property and patent translations. Our IP translators can help you understand foreign paperwork needed to file intellectual property forms overseas. We pride ourselves on exceeding our clients’ expectations, helping you through each step of IP registration with our professional translation services.

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Our Intellectual Property and Legal Translation Customers

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“Big thanks to your expert translators! Very knowledgeable about the intricacies of complex legal documents with prompt delivery. As anyone in the legal space knows, deadlines are crucial for court documents and legal cases. So, it’s great to find such an efficient and quality service.”

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“Our law firm has been searching for a dependable legal translation agency for a while now. With their accurate translations and deadlines, Renaissance Translations go above and beyond what other agencies have offered in the past. We will use them for every legal translation from here on out.” such an efficient and quality service.”

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Specialised Intellectual Property Translations for Your Company

Intellectual property translation is vital for all global companies offering novel products, services, or strategies worldwide. This service falls under our professional legal translations. As a leading provider of IP translations, we offer these services in multiple language combinations. Whether you need assistance registering your IP in one market or many, our expert team can always help.

We also have specialists working within all industries. No matter what sector your product or service falls under, we can partner you with an industry expert who understands unique market terminology and context. Popular industries that need to translate IP and patents include manufacturing, engineering, information technology, and scientific sectors.

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Expert IP Translators

Registering intellectual property in foreign markets requires businesses to complete relatively complex legal paperwork. As such, translators with industry experience must perform intellectual property translation. We have an extensive network of translators, so we always partner our clients with an expert enjoying strong backgrounds in international copyright and patent law.

Your IP translator is also always a native speaker of the language spoken in your target market and qualified to perform IP translations. This combination of language skills and industry expertise guarantees unrivalled results. Your dedicated translators understand all nuances to ensure accuracy and precision, and all IP paperwork is ready to submit to the relevant legal authorities.

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