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Hiring Specialised Technical Translators for IT Projects

In order to accurately translate an Information Technology (IT) project, the use of technical translators is required. Depending on the size of the project, an entire team of technical Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) may need to work together to translate technical materials through the entire product life cycle. Whether this covers user guides, owner manuals, or IT software, technical document translation, undertaken by highly skilled and experienced technical translators, is the best route to go down when dealing with IT projects requiring specialist knowledge.


Why can’t I hire a general translator?

There are many circumstances where a general translator is more than suitable for the task at hand. However, when you need technical document translation, you should turn to specialised technical translators. It is tempting to hire a general translator to save some money on the project especially when underestimating the skill required to translate technical documents. You may also hire one when assuming that the translator has resources to assist in translating technical terms. Unfortunately, using industry glossaries or technical dictionaries is not an adequate substitute for industry experience. Word-for-word translation without a thorough understanding of the specialism will likely result in mistranslations. Moreover, an experienced IT translation specialist can translate technical coding, whilst ensuring that the product will still work as expected. Therefore, working with technical translators is the best option for IT projects.


Why should I hire specialised technical translators for my IT projects?


  1. IT is a rapidly changing industry: Technology is constantly changing and evolving. With the modification of the products and services, businesses must constantly update supporting materials for end users, across all supported languages. Translating such revised content of new versions into multiple languages will help customers use more features. Hiring a technical translator will ensure accuracy, and will help you gain a reputation as a high-quality service provider.
  2. IT markets are expanding globally: As global infrastructure improves, so does the availability of personal computers (PCs) and mobile devices. Technology use is growing worldwide. Increasing the number of languages in your app or programme will increase its potential user base. Not only do the applications themselves need technical document translation, but the graphic user interface (GUI) also needs localisation for appropriate use and understanding across cultures and dialects.
  3. IT is a competitive industry: Digital markets are getting crowded for designers and developers of hardware, software, software as a service (SaaS), mobile devices, and apps. The sheer number of digital options consumers must choose from can be overwhelming. One clear way to stand out from the crowd, and to gain new customers from diverse markets, is to offer your service in a choice of language options. Hiring a technical translator for your content, user manuals, training materials, and marketing materials can help you to launch.
  4. IT is a Risky Business: All industries require business risk mitigation when translating content. Ineffective communication can result not only in misunderstandings but also in unintentionally offensive content. Moreover, some information technology applications inherently involve additional risks. For example, failing to hire a competent professional technical translator can result in mistranslations of fundamental instructions and functionality capabilities. Technical document translation should be taken seriously, as a mistake in a manual can have significant repercussions; something that companies definitely want to avoid. Therefore, hiring a highly competent professional technical translation team with professional indemnity insurance to translate technical materialis imperative to work on your IT translation projects.


Renaissance Translations’ Professional IT Translation Services 

Renaissance Translations offers a range of technical translation services. Our translation experts can translate technical documents in numerous areas including IT translationscientific translationmedical translation, and engineering translation. With over 5,000 translators, we can match you with a technical translator to suit your project’s requirements. Your partnership with us comes with professional memberships such as ATC and SDL LSP Partner Programme. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming technical document translation project.

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