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As the globe aspires to reduce carbon emissions, worldwide collaboration and partnerships are essential. During the planning, negotiation and contractual phases, written communications via email are frequent. Subsequently, when the project begins recruiting, training and managing local workers become a challenge. Often written materials require a professional translation to ensure understanding of energy and mining processes. With that said, it no wonder why translating energy and mining documents has also become essential.

Renaissance Translations offers accurate energy and mining translation services in over 120 languages. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can promise fast turnarounds and competitive prices for all your projects. This ensures that your energy translation will exceed expectations and allows you to communicate with your foreign contacts frequently and accurately. From emails and letters to expedition reports, you can count on an accurate energy translation from us every time.

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Our energy & mining translation customers

The blue and green logo of Saudi Aramco in English and Arabic. Customer buying energy, mining, oil and gas translation services.

“Renaissance Translations' oil and gas translation team is amazing. They have brilliant technical knowledge, ensuring no setbacks or misunderstandings of our requirements. They also provided quality translation of several safety brochures, which was fantastic.”

The yellow Shell logo with a red border and "Shell" written below. Oil and gas translation services customer.

“It was the first time we work with this translation agency, and it won’t be the last! The process was effortless, our translator was professional and their project managers were helpful at every step. We are happy to keep working with Renaissance for every oil, gas and energy translation service. Thank you!”

The Sabic logo, with English name in orange and Arabic in blue. Energy and mining translation services customer.

“We are so pleased with the quality of our translation. We weren’t sure what to expect for such affordable prices, but the end result was professional and error-free. Customer service was also great throughout the whole process. I have no complaints.”

A miner's cupped hands holding out lumps of gray coal. Concept of energy and mining translation.

Specialised Energy & Mining Translations for Your Business

While energy translations require advanced knowledge of the industry, it is also essential that translators have first-hand experience with the sectors interacting with energy companies. At Renaissance Translations, we only employ specialised translators from various sectors to ensure your documents are always reliable and authentic.

Furthermore, your energy content will be translated by a translator who has previously worked within your niche. This helps guarantee that all required subject-specific knowledge or terminology is understood and translated consistently across documents. Aside from engineering translations, our agency can help you read up on the latest environmental regulations across the world, provide you with a contract translation, or help you keep up to date with your finances. With all areas of expertise covered, we are sure to be able to help!

Man in white hard helmet looking up, construction machinery in background. Concept of energy and mining translation.

Expert Energy & Mining Translators

Regular communication with foreign workers, stakeholders, and partners in the energy and mining industry is critical in growing a business. Any written materials need to be carefully translated to ensure understanding. Any mistranslation of contracts, safety manuals, or other documents could have serious repercussions.

At Renaissance Translations, we only hire native-speaking translators with a minimum of 5 years of translation experience. This means your energy translation is guaranteed to be accurate and authentic, no matter your target language. All our expert translators also have access to our translation technology, further ensuring your energy or mining translation will be of the highest quality.

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