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Business Translation Services: Four Things to Consider

It is no secret that the opening of economies today has encouraged businesses – even SME businesses – to expand to new markets. This has increased the demand for business translation services from translating companies in the UK and worldwide. Business translation services basically translate all your company documents, marketing materials, and other materials to meet to needs of your new targeted markets.

In fact, this period is considered one of the most expansive periods in history and translation helps drive significant revenue for expanding organisations. But before you invest in business translation services, here are four things to consider when choosing a language services provider.


1. Accuracy of Business Translation Services

Your business communications are essential — without clear communication, your company would not be able to run smoothly. Your clients need to be able to understand all transactions and interactions that will take place between you and them. Ensuring this will grow a feeling of mutual trust between your company and your clients. And this requires accurate business translation services.

There are three main ways in which translating companies ensure they translate services accurately: professional translators, top-notch technology, and the translation process used:

  • Professional Translators: Look for translating companies that employ translators with at least five years of business translation experience. They must also pass an online translation test and have a degree in translation.
  • Translation Technology: Translation technology aids the human translation process, streamlining larger projects and storing words and phrases to help you maintain a clear brand voice. Search for agencies that use CAT tools and software such as SDL Trados to help guarantee excellent translation results for your business documents.
  • TEP Translation Process: TEP is a three-step translation process that all good companies use. The first step is translation, rendering your text into the target language. The next step is editing, ensuring that the document makes sense and uses the correct terminology. The last step is proofreading, ensuring no spelling or grammatical errors.


2. Translating Company Fees

All successful businesses need a firm handle on their finances. Therefore, you may be left wondering about the cost of business translation services and whether you have enough budget. Don’t worry! The fees for translating companies vary significantly between firms, and you’ll always be able to find an agency that fits your budget.

It is also good to remember that business translation will be worth the cost. With professional business translation services, you can communicate clearly with your business partners and clients. It also opens up new market opportunities, driving your reach and revenue. Whether you’re selling products or services, translate your content and you’ll see a huge ROI.


3. Types of Business Documents

Business translation services cover a vast array of document types. You might need to translate services descriptions, product guidelines, marketing materials, business websites, or internal communications. Always check the specific document types and formats offered by translating companies to ensure they can fulfil your unique requirements.

Some of the types of business translation include:

  • Website translation
  • Software localisation
  • App localisation
  • Contract translation
  • Marketing translation
  • Financial translation


4. Available Languages

The language required for business translation services depends on the goals of your organisation. You may want to expand your business into India and need a translation to Hindi. Or you may need to translate services for clients you work with in Spain.

Always check the languages offered by translating companies to ensure they’re capable. Most agencies provide common language pairs, such as Arabic to English, English to Spanish, English to Chinese or French to English. However, finding translators for uncommon language pairs such as French to Italian, Spanish to German, English to Tigrinya, or Chinese to Russian is more challenging.


Renaissance Translations’ Business Translation Services

At Renaissance Translations, we offer accurate business translation services in all languages. We can translate services, products, marketing materials, websites, and more, and we promise to put your professional business translation first. We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the experience.

In fact, our client-centric approach is what puts us above other translating companies, making us the trusted language partner of prominent global brands. Some of our current loyal customers include HSBC, Audi, CRDF Global, Unicef and many others. We also charge competitive rates compared with other companies, with packages aligned to every business budget.

Your partnership with Renaissance Translations also comes with professional memberships such as ATC, so you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands. To learn more about our business translation services, contact our team today. One of our professional project managers will be in touch to learn more about your business goals.

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